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Lectures are given in Italian. Please refer to the Italian website for the link of the recordings.
01 March 2021

Videos refer to the lectures of the the course Analysis and control of multivariable systems included in the Master course on Electrical Engineering in the academic year 2020/2021.

The records of the lectures in the virtual room, that you can find in the following links, were not postproduced and are just the registration of the lectures as they were given by the teacher to the class.

The video will be available on Adobe Connect only to the students, who are required to login using their User ID and password.

The records can be used for educational use only; they will be available only until the end of the academic year 2020/2021. After that term they will be removed from the server.

According to the currents laws (D.R. 341/2020 on 24/03/2020 (art. 4)): “It is forbidden to the users to register, copy, modify and share with any tool the teaching materials (registrations, slides, etc). Furthermore, it is forbidden to use the teaching material not for educational purposes as well as for any purpose not allowed by the copyright laws.”.

Please refer to the Italian section of the website for the links to the recorded lectures.

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