Autore dell'avviso: Daniele Cocco

28 June 2021
University of Malaga


From the Department of Mechanical, Thermal Engineering and Fluids Mechanics
( University of Malaga), we are looking for candidates to apply for the
Grants for new predoc positions 2021 funded by the Government of Andalusia
(Southern Spain).

Candidates with motivation to carry out their doctoral thesis in the field
of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) are sought. As detailed in the call, it
is necessary that the candidate meets two requirements:

(1) Academic average higher than 7 (although to compete with guarantees, it
would be desirable that it is higher than 8). Note that Grades in Spain
range linearly from 0 to 10.

(2) To be in possession of a degree issued by a Spanish or foreign
university of Bachelor's degree, architecture, engineering or degree of at
least 240 ECTS (equivalent to 4 full years).

The grant consists essentially of funding for a contract (4 years) of
approximately 22,719 euros gross per year plus 7,000 euros for a research
stay abroad (4 months approximately).

The research topic of the thesis would be related to the design of cavity
line focus receivers. The research group in which the candidate would work
is currently developing international patents and would collaborate with
companies in the sector. The work would be numerical, although a final
phase of experimental work is also planned. Optical and heat transfer
problems would be addressed.

It is important that candidates have a good level of English and it is
desirable (but not essential) that they have programming skills in any
general-purpose language (e.g. Python, Matlab, Fortran or any other widely
used language).

If you are interested, please contact Juan José Serrano at the following
email address:

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