UniCa UniCa News Communication Admission to PhD programmes: ranging lists, AY 2020/2021, Cycle XXXVI

Admission to PhD programmes: ranging lists, AY 2020/2021, Cycle XXXVI

Autore dell'avviso: Ateneo

23 September 2021
Admission to PhD programmes: AY 2021/2022 ranking lists - Reserved positions for foreign candidates. Instructions to enrol in a PhD programme of Cycle XXXVII


Successful candidates must first fill in the enrolment form available at the webpage: https://unica.esse3.cineca.it/Start.do

and then upload:

-  a recent passport-size photo (in bitmap or jpeg format)
-  a copy of a valid identity document
-  your self-certification, filled out and signed (the form is below in Word format: please, DO NOT MODIFY ITS STRUCTURE!)
The online procedure will be available FROM 23rd September 2021 TO 28th September 2021 h 23:59 (local time).
For any problem concerning the online procedure for enrolment, please send an e-mail to dottoratiemaster@unica.it within 28th September 2021, so that we can save your position.
The e-mail requests for assistance sent after 28th September 2021 (deadline for enrolment) won't be taken into account, and you will lose your right to enroll.

Only candidates listed as ADMITTED can enroll.

In case of  vacant positions, candidates listed as ELIGIBLE (NOT ADMITTED) may be contacted via e-mail by the PhD office, according to the order of the ranking list.

To complete the enrolment procedure, a EUR 16.00 is requested (payment deadline: 2nd October 2021).

Successful candidates holding a foreign academic degree must provide the following documents - along with those listed above:
1. original version of their degree or legalized copy;
2. legalized translation into Italian of their degree in original;
3. original declaration of value (Dichiarazione di valore in loco) of the foreign degree, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic representative in the Country where the academic qualification was achieved (http://www.cimea.it/default.aspx?IDC=31 ).
In case of impossibility to respect the above-mentioned deadline, candidates should deliver the last 3 documents within a new deadline set in accordance with the PhD office.

Successful candidates who do not complete their enrolment within the deadline will automatically be considered as withdrawn and the next candidate in the ranking list will take their place; the PhD office will inform the next ranked candidates by e-mail and invite them to enroll within the deadline above.

An appeal may be brought against this Act at the Regional Administrative Court (TAR), within 60 days from 28th September 2021, or an extraordinary appeal to the President of the Italian Republic within 120 days from 28th September 2021.

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