UniCa UniCa News Communication Academic year 2021/2022: registration for the 3rd year (cycle XXXV), registration for the 2nd year (cycle XXXVI) and scholarship renewal

Academic year 2021/2022: registration for the 3rd year (cycle XXXV), registration for the 2nd year (cycle XXXVI) and scholarship renewal

Autore dell'avviso: Ateneo

04 November 2021
Registration procedure



Payment deadline: 20th November 2021

NB: PhD students not completing their registration by paying the stamp duty won't be allowed to access the University facilities, since they're not covered by an insurance.

You can pay using PagoPA system. The PagoPA payment slip is available on the personal area dedicated to the online services for students:
- log-in with your user ID and password
- select Segreteria – Pagamenti
- click on the number on the first column.

You can pay online or personally:
- To pay online, click on the red button ‘Paga online con PagoPA’ and access using your SPID or e-mail address. You can pay by debit/credit card, on the bank account for payment service providers (PSP) allowing this option, or though other methods of payment.
- To pay in person, click on ‘Stampa avviso per PagoPA’, download the payment slip and pay it at a PSP through the available options: home banking, ATM, app from smartphone or tablet, bank branch, SISAL/Lottomatica betting offices, etc. To pay through CBILL, apart from the unique identifier for payment services (IUV), the University inter-bank code 10QB3 is necessary.

Payments notices issued by the University of Cagliari CANNOT be paid in person at the Post Office.
Normally, payments through PagoPA have charges. Please, pay attention to the different payment condition of each PSP.
If you pay online, you can click on ‘Stampa Quietanza di Pagamento’ to print the receipt; if you pay in person, the payment receipt will be available only when the University will receive the payment.

ATTENTION! In case the online payment procedure is interrupted or cancelled, the buttons ‘Paga online con PagoPA’ and ‘Stampa Avviso per PagoPA’ could not be available for about 60 minutes.


PhD Students holding a scholarship have to send their Tax return for 2022 "Dichiarazione reddituale relativa all'anno 2022" (in PDF format and signed, together with a copy of a valid ID) by e-mail to dottoratiemaster@unica.it within 20th November 2021.

Last notices

25 January 2022

Esami diritto costituzionale Corso 3, 2022

L'esame del 25 gennaio 2022 si svolgerà online sulla piattaforma Team alle h. 17,30; l'esame del 15 febbraio 2022 si svolgerà online sulla piattaforma Team alle h. 12,30. Gli studenti possono collegarsi all'aula virtuale seguendo le istruzioni a seguire (per qualsiasi problema contattatemi alla mail: iruggiu@unica.it). Gli esami del corso 3 di diritto costituzionale si svolgeranno sulla piattaforma Teams in cui si è svolto il corso: Teams diritto costituzionale corso 3. Gli studenti che non avessero già aderito al Team sono pregati di farlo usando questo codice di accesso: 3twf39q. Per chi è già iscritto al Team, il giorno degli appelli potete entrare anche per seguire gli esami come uditori (gli esami sono pubblici) oltre che per sostenerlo. L'esame del 25 gennaio 2022 è stato calendarizzato per cui potete accedere come per le lezioni dal calendario o in alternativa cliccando su questi link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ab1ce03da91dc43a881f8879894bc8aa6%40thread.tacv2/1642190684255?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%226bfa74cc-fe34-4d57-97d3-97fd6e0edee1%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22f2428c62-0529-4677-86ab-2472e52e6c6c%22%7d; l'esame del 15 febbraio 2022 h. 12,30 si svolgerà collegandosi al calendario o al seguente link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ab1ce03da91dc43a881f8879894bc8aa6%40thread.tacv2/1642191141117?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%226bfa74cc-fe34-4d57-97d3-97fd6e0edee1%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22f2428c62-0529-4677-86ab-2472e52e6c6c%22%7d

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