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You can be the Ambassador of your hosting country for the #EUelections2019 campaign!

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10 gennaio 2019
Are you on an #ErasmusPlus exchange for study or work? Are you participating in the European Solidarity Corps*? Are you residing abroad?


The garagErasmus Foundation recently launched the Erasmus Vote Power project, co-financed by the European Parliament. The aim of the project is to motivate the #ErasmusGeneration to go to vote for the European Elections, which will take place between 23 and 26 May 2019, by explaining - country by country - the procedure they need to follow.

Take part into a training event organised inside the European Parliament in Brussels on the 8th of February (travel cap of €100 + accommodation for that night).
Receive promotional material on the European elections and how to vote from abroad.
Act like and Ambassador and organise your own event in your host-country to spread information.

Registrations: 20/01/2019 (applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; please apply ASAP)
Deadline to buy tickets: 27/01/2019


This project is co-financed by the European Parliament.?

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