Information for Incoming students and staff 2019/2020

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak


Additional extraordinary urgent measures to combat and prevent the epidemiological diffusion of COVID-19 in the regional territory of Sardinia. 


Flights to and from Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia Airports will resume as follows:

a) starting from 3 June 2020, air connections to and from Rome Fiumicino and Milan and vv .;

b) from 13 June 2020, air connections with all national airports;

c) from 25 June 2020, air connections with international airports, subject to verification of the trend of the    epidemiological curve.


All those who intend to embark on flights or sea lines to Sardinia, regardless of the places of origin and for the sole purpose of monitoring the admissions and stays throughout the region, are required to register before boarding, using the appropriate form to be completed and sent, exclusively electronically, through the link in accordance with what indicated in the "New Coronavirus" section of the website of the Sardinia region ( or through the application "Sardegna Sicura" designed for voluntary contact tracing, downloadable from the app stores for the operating systems iOS and Android.

Each passenger must submit a copy of the registration receipt together with their boarding pass and a valid identity document. The airline or shipping company verifies the registration receipt prior to boarding.


From 3 June 2020, all travellers arriving in Sardinia are also required to:

a) undergo the measurement of body temperature; if it is at or above 37.5 degrees the airport authority or the Port System Authority of Sardinia proceeds to activate the procedures stated in the determination of the General Director of Health n.159 of 4 March 2020;

b) fill in the form about possible past infection or contact with the Coronavirus, contained in the registration form referred to above, giving their consent to carry out the regional epidemiological investigation.


The names and contact details acquired pursuant to the previous articles are processed by the Sardinia Region in compliance with Regulation n. 2016/679 / UE, according to protection of the rights and freedoms of the interested parties, are included in a special regional database, stored for 14 days and used for monitoring, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, municipalities and Territorial competent health agencies.


On the entire regional territory, the use of masks is mandatory in all premises open to the public. This obligation also applies to outdoor places where it is not possible to keep the distance of at least two meters from other people. Gatherings are not allowed.


These rules are valid until 14 June 2020, when an update will be published by the Regional Government.

18.05.2020 - New prescriptions for the containment of Covid19

D.L. 16 maggio 2020, n. 33; DPCM 17 Maggio 2020; Ordinanza RAS N.23 del 17 maggio 2020; Ordinanza del Sindaco di Cagliari n. 29 del 17 Maggio 2020.

Subjects with a respiratory infection characterized by fever (higher than 37.5 ° C) must remain at home, limit social contacts as much as possible and contact a doctor.

It is strictly forbidden to people subjected to the quarantine measure or who test positive to the Sars-Cov2 to move from home.

From 18 May 2020, it is possible to move freely within the regional territory, with the exception of the cases above.

Gatherings of more than 2 people in public places are prohibited. A safety distance of a least one metre from other people must be observed.

On the entire regional territory, the use of masks is mandatory in all places open to the public. This obligation also applies in outdoor places where it is not possible to maintain the distance of at least one meter from other people.

Starting from 18 May 2020 the following activities can open:

a) shops, markets and kiosks, service agencies (for example, travel agencies and real estate agencies);

b) food and drink delivery services and activities, including artisanal, which provide for take-away and consumption on the spot (for example, bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream shops, pastry shops);

c) Tourist activities;

d) Hotel accommodation, outdoor accommodation, agri-tourism accommodation;

e) Retail trade;

f) Retail sale in public areas (in Cagliari, only for food);

g) Offices open to the public, public and private, professional offices and administrative services;

h) Green maintenance;

i) museums and other cultural institutes and places.

Special protocols to access commercial activities are in place and must be scrupulously respected by following the procedures given by the owners of the same activities. The use of masks is mandatory and the use of disposable gloves and hand disinfection may be required.

All supermarkets and food shops must comply with the evening closing no later than 9.00 pm.

From 18 May, access to beaches is allowed.

Public access to playgrounds is prohibited, also located in parks and public gardens.

Travel to other Italian regions and abroad is not yet permitted until 2nd June, but for urgent reasons connected to work and health. Those who want to enter Sardinia must ask for a specific authorization from the Regional Government and must observe a 14 days quarantine.

The offices and structures of the University remain closed to the public until a date to be defined. The office for international mobility is available in remote mode, through the email accounts and the number (0039) 070/6756533.

It is possible to access the University Libraries: contact the Library you want to access, via email. They will arrange an appointment for you to access the service. Entrance to the libraries is only allowed with masks and disposable gloves.

Erasmus+INCOMING students

International students and staff currently in Italy under the Erasmus + program who intend to return to their home country  can do so as required by the Prime Minister Decree of 9 March 2020. UniCa guarantees the necessary support ( and invites incoming students to take into due consideration the indications provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Further assistance can be provided by embassies and consulates of the home country.

Students or staff that have already been selected may postpone the mobility to the next academic year     (I semester),  by following a procedure that will be communicated in the coming weeks.

ELearning Unica Covid 19

Information to students and teachers on online teaching In the exceptional situation due to the containment phase of COVID-19

The University of Cagliari has converted part of its educational offer in such a way as to make teaching activities accessible remotely in compliance with the provisions of the DR n. 341 of 24/03/2020. For this reason, the lessons for the second semester of all bachelor degrees, master degrees, single-cycle and post-graduate (doctorates, specialization schools, masters, specialization courses and teacher training ...) must be provided exclusively electronically. By using the IT platforms managed by the University, students will be able to access a series of multimedia contents according to the course they are enrolled to.

Please, be aware that the teaching materials made available to the students (eg: video lessons, text documents, files, audio, images, metadata, etc.) can be used for strictly personal use and for the exclusive purpose of study. Duplication, dissemination, in whole or in part, by any means or instrument, is precluded in any form. It is forbidden to register, copy, process or disseminate in any way the learning material that is part of the University's educational offer. It is prohibited any use of the same material to any purpose other than teaching or, in any case, to other purposes and methods not permitted by the law.

The students’ personal data, such as their user profile, audio or video recording of the lectures on distance learning lessons, exams and other online activities will be processed, for educational purposes only, through telematic tools. The recordings of the lessons can be uploaded on the platform and will be available only to enrolled students or the users authorized to access the virtual classroom of each course. In the emergency phase, the lessons in distance learning will be recorded to give entitled students (those enrolled at the University of Cagliari) who encounter connection problems, access problems and other objective impediments, the opportunity to attend them. In this context, to facilitate the fluidity of distance learning, the following operational indications are specified:

• registration will only concern lessons, during which it is preferable to avoid questions and interventions by the Student through the audio channel and chat tools must be used instead;

• questions and interventions from students are admitted in a second phase at the end of the lesson, consisting of a space dedicated to this, for which no registration is made;

• the registration will be kept and used for the period of the emergency, for the teaching purposes set out above, and in any case not later than the end of the second semester of the academic year 2019- 2020. Laboratory and practice CFUs/ECTSs: lessons and practice in laboratories must be carried out electronically. In exceptional cases, a part of them may be provided in the laboratories upon return after the CoVid19 emergency, in which case a reduction in the online hours will be provided. In the event that it is not possible to supply the hours of practice / laboratory electronically and / or in the presence of the students, all the required ECTS will be recognized. Integrative Didactics: it will be provided exclusively online.

For this reason, the University is activating technical / training support for the use of platforms available to students and teachers which are useful to the purpose, such as TEAMS and Moodle, while also leaving teachers free to use other platforms of which they are experts. Internships: all internships must be carried out electronically. Exams and Degrees: all exams will be carried out electronically and the related guidelines will be available shortly. The presidents and coordinators of the Courses are reviewing the calendars that will be made public as soon as possible.

Extra sessions of exams and degree exams will be held, if deemed necessary by the Degree Program Councils. Teachers are asked to take as many online exams as possible, because it is essential to allow the session to be completed. Written exams must be transformed into oral exams. Where this is not possible, appropriate methods will be studied to allow the session to end anyway.

Reprogramming at the end of the emergency period is currently precluded.

Instructions on online exams

Operative manual on online exams for teachers and students - following the DR n. 341 of 24/03/2020 

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