UniCa Unica HRS4R Strategy Research Infrastructures and Open Science in UniCa

Research Infrastructures and Open Science in UniCa


The Centre for Research University Services (CeSAR, Centro Servizi di Ateneo per la Ricerca) was created in 2017 thanks to the funding of the Regional Law 7/2007. The Center was created to accompany and support the scientific and technological development of the University and the local territory, to make it competitive at a national and international level, in the awareness that the boundaries between the different disciplines are increasingly thin and the synergic and multidisciplinary approach to research is increasingly necessary.

Website: CeSAR

Contacts: cesar@unica.it

CeSAR Research Infrastructure


UniCa Press is the publishing press of the University of Cagliari.  It publishes, releases, and promotes quality editorial products from research and teaching activities at the university or related to issues of interest to the University of Cagliari. The dissemination of the works, at national and international levels, is in line with Open Access principles. 

Website: UNICApress

Contacts: unicapress@unica.it

UniCa Iris

Institutional Research Information System (IRIS)  is the institutional archive of the scientific production of the University of Cagliari.

Services: research product catalogs, promotes open access to research products.

Website: UniCa Iris

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