UniCa Unica HRS4R Strategy Legal Framework

Legal Framework

General framework

Unica University Statute (Rector’s Decree no. 305/2022 of 28th March 2022)

University Code of Ethics and Conduct (Rector’s Decree no. 274/2019 of 12th March 2019)

Summary of Code of conduct_ENG

Regulations for administration, finance, and accounting (Rector’s Decree no.634 of 13th April 2015)

Recruitment framework

Rules and Regulations on Ph.D. Programmes (Rector’s Decree no. 296 of 21st March 2022)

Regulations for the Recruitment of fixed-term Researchers (Rector’s Decree no. 1365/2021 of 1st December 2021)

Regulations for the Assignment of Research Fellowships (Rector’s Decree no. 1076/2021 of 05th October 2021)

Regulations for the Assignment of Research Grants (Rector’s Decree no.432/2018 of 13th June 2018)

Regulations for the teaching and tutoring assignments (Rector’s Decree no. 497/2021 of 31st May 2021)

Research framework

UniCa Open Access policy

Regulations for the functioning of the Centre for Research University Services (CeSAR) (Rector’s Decree no. 1060/21 and Rector’s Decree no.28/22)

Third Mission framework

Regulations of the University of Cagliari for the establishment of spin-offs (Rector’s Decree no 11 of 06th October 2016)

Patents Regulation (Rector’s Decree no 126 of 08th November 2017)

National framework

Law 240/2010 "Rules on the organization of universities, academic staff and recruitment, as well as delegation to the Government to enhance the quality and efficiency of the university system"

Legislative Decree n. 198/2006 "Equal Opportunities between Men and Women” as per Article 6 of Law n. 246/2005

Legislative Decree n.165/2001 "General provisions concerning employment at public entities"

Legislative Decree n. 81/2008 "Implementation of Article 1 of Law no. 123, concerning the protection of health and safety in the workplace"

Law n.104/1992 “Framework law for the Assistance, Social Integration and the Rights of Individuals with disabilities"

Interministerial Decree n. 313/2011 "Remuneration for teaching activities, Implementation of Article 23 of Law no. 240/2010"

Law n.79/2022 Conversion into law, with amendments, of Decree-Law No. 36 of April 30, 2022, on further urgent measures for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

Research National Program 2021-2027

National Plan for Open Science

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