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International programme

lt is the challenging and unique opportunity of our educational offer. This special programme shares ideas, students and professors among our Bachelor’s Programme in Business and Economics and the Bache­lor’s programmes of our European University partners. You have got two options: the double Degree programme between UNICA and the University of Applied Scien­ces of Bielefeld (a wealthy city in Westphalia, Germany) and the Double Degree between UNICA and the Czech University of Life Sciences of Prague (Czech Republic). lt is a programme designed for those who wish to operate in the competitive world of multinational companies.

Organisation and method

After attending the first-year ltalian taught courses at UNICA, from the beginning of the second year, all lectures are held in English. lf you choose the UNICA-Bielefeld programme you will spend your second year in Cagliari to move to Bielefeld for the courses of the third year. lf your choice is the UNICA-Prague Programme, you will move  to Prague for the courses of the second year to get back to Cagliari for the third-year lessons. You will enjoy a unique international atmosphere as classes are open to Italian, German, Czech and other Erasmus and Globus students from all over the world.


In this programme, the business economics skills typical of our degree, take a new angle. Computational skills, principles of economics and law and a strong emphasis on foreign language competence (English, German and Czech) are only the basis of your future skills. You will learn how managers, shareholders and other stakeholders govern and influence multinational companies and institutions. You will acquire the indispensable managerial approach with which organisations plan and control their operations, market their products or services and manage labour relations. By knowing the relationships between financial institutions and companies, you will gain independence of judgment in the delicate choice between the various sources in order to finance investments.


Your competences will be ideal to work in support of the different functional areas of a multinational company. The doors will be opened to many opportunities in the member countries of the European Union and abroad. Yet, this solid background will also allow you to successfully go on to further academic study.

Admission requirements and scholarships

This international programme is limited to a maximum of 18 ltalian students (10 available positions for the UNICA-Bielefeld programme and 8 positions for the UNICA-Prague programme). Entry to the course requires a minimum of an B2 level in English and the passing of a selection process based on the admission test score. The selection process ends at the end of the first year or semester (according to the selected programme) based on the number and grades of the exams you have passed. Students who are over the available places in the final ranking may continue their studies, at their choice, in the Administration & Control programme or in the Marketing & Organization programme. You can compete far scholarships dedicated to supporting your stay abroad and funded by the Erasmus + project.


Double Bachelor’s Degree: ltalian.

Degree in “Business and Economics” and, based on the choice made, German Degree in “lnternational Studies in Management” or Czech Degree in “Business Administration".




Course coordinator

Student Administration Office: Via S. Ignazio, 74 – 09123 Cagliari

Italy Phone +39 070 6753348


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University of Cagliari (Italy) Web site:

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)

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