Effect of the Rock Stress on the Water Jet Cutting Performance

Grosso B.;Dentoni V.;


Underground quarrying is rarely adopted for granite extraction due to the difficulties in the implementation of traditional technologies (drilling and explosive). As alternative to drilling and explosive, the combination of diamond wire and water jet seems to be the most promising available technology. The cutting performance achievable with the water jet technology depends on the operative parameters, the material characteristics and the state of stress within the rock massif. To assess the effect of the state of stress on the cutting rate, laboratory tests have been performed with an oscillating water jet machine on granite samples subjected to a static load. The stress distribution in the layer of rock to be removed has been evaluated by numerical simulation with the FLAC code (Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua). The correlation between the results of the cutting tests and the numerical models of the rock samples has been inferred. Starting from a conceptual model, which theoretically describes the relationship between the cutting rate and the stress, a step function was defined that indicates the ranges of stress where predefined values of the cutting rate are workable.
Granite underground quarrying; Oscillating water jet; Rock state of stress; Water jet performance
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