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Suitability of the thawed algae for transmission electron microscopy study: Ultrastructural investigation on Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 2021 Isola, Michela; Soru, Santina; Loy, Francesco; Malavasi, Veronica; Isola, Raffaella; Cao, Giacomo MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
STZ-diabetic rat heart maintains developed tension amplitude by increasing sarcomere length and crossbridge density 2021 Isola, R.; Broccia, F.; Casti, A.; Loy, F.; Isola, M.; Vargiu, R. EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY
Reactivity of human labial glands in response to cevimeline treatment 2021 Loy, Francesco; Isola, Michela; Masala, Carla; Isola, Raffaella THE ANATOMICAL RECORD
Role of Cardiac AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in a Non-pathological Setting: Evidence From Cardiomyocyte-Specific, Inducible AMP-Activated Protein Kinase a1a2-Knockout Mice 2021 Tokarska-Schlattner, Malgorzata; Kay, Laurence; Perret, Pascale; Isola, Raffaella; Attia, Stéphan...e; Lamarche, Frédéric; Tellier, Cindy; Cottet-Rousselle, Cécile; Uneisi, Amjad; Hininger-Favier, Isabelle; Foretz, Marc; Dubouchaud, Hervé; Ghezzi, Catherine; Zuppinger, Christian; Viollet and Uwe Schlattner, Benoit FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
Bioenergetic functions in subpopulations of heart mitochondria are preserved in a non-obese type 2 diabetes rat model (Goto-Kakizaki) 2020 Lai, N.; Kummitha, C. M.; Loy, F.; Isola, R.; Hoppel, C. L. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
The dietary flavonoid eupatilin attenuates in vitro lipid peroxidation and targets lipid profile in cancer HeLa cells 2020 Rosa, A; Isola, R; Pollastro, F; Caria, P; Appendino, G; Nieddu, M FOOD & FUNCTION
Neuroprotection by the Immunomodulatory Drug Pomalidomide in the Drosophila LRRK2WD40 Genetic Model of Parkinson’s Disease 2020 Casu, Maria Antonietta; Mocci, Ignazia; Isola, Raffaella; Pisanu, Augusta; Boi, Laura; Mulas, Gio...vanna; Greig, Nigel H.; Setzu, Maria Dolores; Carta, Anna R. FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE
Tyrosine-hydroxylase, dopamine β-hydroxylase and choline acetyltransferase-like immunoreactive fibres in the human major sublingual gland 2020 Loy, F.; Serra, M. P.; Boi, M.; Isola, R.; Ekstrom, J.; Quartu, M. ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY
The Role of Lipid Composition in the Sensory Attributes and Acceptability of the Salted and Dried Mullet Roes (Bottarga): A Study in Human and Animal Models 2020 Rosa, Antonella; Isola, Raffaella; Nieddu, Mariella; Masala, Carla NUTRIENTS
Dietary zerumbone from shampoo ginger: new insights into its antioxidant and anticancer activity 2019 Rosa, A; Caprioglio, D; Isola, R; Nieddu, M; Appendino, G; Falchi, A M FOOD & FUNCTION
Melatonin release by exocytosis in the rat parotid gland 2019 Isola, Michela; Jörgen, Ekström; Isola, Raffaella; Loy, Francesco JOURNAL OF ANATOMY
AMPK deficiency elicits changes in OXPHOS in heart mitochondria. 2018 Isola, R; Dubouchaud, H; Viollet, B; Tokarska-Schlattner, M; Schlattner, U Plangger M
Mitochondrial localization of melatonin in salivary glands: ultrastructural evidences. 2018 Isola, M.; Isola, R.; Ekstrom, J.; Loy, F. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY Paolo Romagnoli
Cardiac AMPK and its potential role in doxorubicin cardiotoxicity. 2018 Tokarska-Schlattner, M; Kay, L.; Dubouchaud, H; Perret, P; Zuppinger, C; Isola, R; Ghezzi, C; Vio...llet, B; Schlattner, U
Marked differences in the submandibular salivary proteome between Sardinian alcohol-preferring and Sardinian alcohol-non preferring rats revealed by an integrated top-down-bottom-up proteomic platform 2018 Cabras, Tiziana; D'Alessandro, Alfredo; Serrao, Simone; Isola, Raffaella; Iavarone, Federica; Vin...cenzoni, Federica; Colombo, Giancarlo; Ekström, Jörgen; Messana, Irene; Castagnola, Massimo JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH
Diabetic status influences the storage of melatonin in human salivary glands 2018 Isola, Michela; Lilliu, Maria Alberta; Loy, Francesco; Isola, Raffaella THE ANATOMICAL RECORD
Isoprenaline-induced exocytosis and melatonin secretion in the rat parotid gland. 2017 Isola, Michela; Lilliu, MARIA ALBERTA; Isola, Raffaella; Loy, Francesco EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
Do mitochondria counteract diabetes impairment by means of morphological and physiological strategies? 2017 Isola, R; Casti, A; Broccia, F; Loy, F; Isola, M; Vargiu, R Kandolf G
Cardiac mitochondria of female diabetic rats are poorly affected by diabetes 2016 Vargiu, Romina; Isola, Raffaella; Loy, Francesco
Diabetes induces changes in salivary gland melatonin reactivity. 2016 Isola, M.; Lilliu, M.A.; Isola, R.; Loy, F. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Dynamics of the melatonin MT1 receptor in the rat parotid gland upon melatonin administration 2016 Isola, M; Ekstrom, J; Lilliu, Ma; Isola, R; Loy, F. JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY
Does early stage diabetes induce an adaptation of contractile machinery in female rats 2016 Vargiu, Romina; Isola, Raffaella
Ultrastructural evidence of a secretory role for melatonin in the human parotid gland 2015 Loy, F; Isola, M; Isola, R; Solinas, P; Lilliu, Ma; Puxeddu, R; Ekstrom, J JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY
Cardiovascular remodelling in female diabetic rats 2015 Casti, Alberto; Solinas, Paola; Isola, Michela; Broccia, Francesca; Vargiu, Romina; Isola, Raffaella ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Melatonin localization in serous cells of human salivary glands. 2015 Maria Alberta, Lilliu; Francesco, Loy; Paola, Solinas; Raffaella, Isola; Michela, Isola ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Morphometric Study of Diabetes Related Alterations in Human Parotid Gland and Comparison with Submandibular Gland 2015 Lilliu, Maria Alberta; Loy, Francesco; Cossu, Margherita; Solinas, Paola; Isola, Raffaella; Isola..., Michela THE ANATOMICAL RECORD
Diabetes causes morphological changes in human submandibular gland: a morphometric study 2015 Lilliu MA; Solinas P; Cossu M; Puxeddu R; Loy F; Isola R; Quartu M; Melis T; Isola M JOURNAL OF ORAL PATHOLOGY & MEDICINE
A reliable model for gamma oscillations in hippocampal tissue. 2015 Schneider, J; Lewen, A; Ta, Tt; Galow, Lv; Isola, Raffaella; Papageorgiou, Ie; Kann, O. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH
VGF peptide profiles in Type 2 diabetic patients' plasma and in obese mice 2015 D'Amato, F; Noli, B; Angioni, L; Cossu, E; Incani, M; Messana, I; Manconi, B; Solinas, P; Isola, ...R; Mariotti, S; Ferri, GL; Cocco, C PLOS ONE
Subcellular distribution of melatonin receptors in rat parotid salivary glands: effect of melatonin intravenous infusion 2014 Isola, Michela; Loy, Francesco; Solinas, P; Lilliu M., A; Ekström, J; Isola, R. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
The antipsychotic amisulpride: Ultrastructural evidence of its secretory activity in salivary glands 2014 Loy F; Isola M; Isola R; Lilliu MA; Solinas P; Conti G; Godoy T; Riva A; Ekstrom J ORAL DISEASES
Cardiac mitochondria alteration and peripheral vessel Nmorphology in female diabetes 2014 Solinas, P; Isola, Michela; Lilliu, Ma; Loy, Francesco; Vargiu, Romina; Isola, R. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Animal models are reliably mimicking human diseases? A morphological study that compares animal with human NAFLD 2014 Solinas, Paola; Isola, Michela; Lilliu, Maria Alberta; Conti, G; Civolani, A; Demelia, Luigi; Loy..., Francesco; Isola, Raffaella MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
The understanding of the anatomy and functional role of the valves of the veins and its impact on hemodynamics 2013 Riva A; Loy F; Isola R; Isola M; Conti G ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Effects of antipsychotic drugs on human submandibular glands in vitro. An HRSEM morphological and morphometrical study. 2013 Riva A; Loy F; Isola R; Isola M; Solinas P; Lilliu MA; Diana M; Conti G; Ekstrom J
Cortical adrenal mitochondrial morphology changes in functional state: new insights 2013 Isola R; Solinas P; Concettoni C; Atzeni F; Loy F; Diana M; Isola M; Giacchetti G; Boscaro M; Riv...a A; Mariotti S CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH
Subcellular distribution of melatonin receptors in human parotid glands 2013 Isola M; Ekström J; Diana M; Solinas P; Cossu M; Lilliu MA; Loy F; Isola R JOURNAL OF ANATOMY
Human salivary glands: from electron microscopy (TEM and HRSEM) to pharmacology 2012 Riva AL; Loy F; Conti G; Diana M; Isola R
Diabetes reduces statherin in human parotid: immunogold study and comparison with submandibular gland 2012 Isola M; Cossu M; Diana M; Isola R; Loy F; Solinas P; Lantini M ORAL DISEASES
Morphological evidence that pentagastrin regulates secretion in the human parotid gland. 2012 Loy, Francesco; Diana, Martina; Isola, Raffaella; Solinas, Paola; Isola, Michela; Conti, Gabriele...; Lantini, Ms; Cossu, Margherita; Riva, A; Ekström, J. JOURNAL OF ANATOMY
Immunolocalization of AQP5 in human parotid salivary glands 2011 Diana M; Isola M; Solinas P; Conti G; Isola R; Denise M; Loy F ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Human submandibular glands treated in vitro with amisulpride. An HRSEM morphological and morphometrical study 2011 Loy F; Diana M.; Solinas P; Isola R; Isola M; Conti G; Cossu M; Lantini MS; Ekström J; Riva A ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Mitochondrial metabolism and morphology in a rat model of NAFLD 2011 Solinas P; Diana M; Loy F; Isola M; Isola R ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY
Diabetes affects statherin expression in human labial glands. 2011 Isola M; Lantini M; Solinas P; Diana M; Isola R; Loy F; Cossu M ORAL DISEASES
Secretory effects of pentagastrin and melatonin on human parotid gland in vitro. An HRSEM study 2010 RIVA A; LOY F; DIANA M; ISOLA R; LANTINI MS; EKSTRÖM J
Human parotid responds in vitro to pentagastrin and melatonin 2010 LOY F; DIANA M; ISOLA R; LANTINI MS; RIVA A; EKSTRÖM J JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH
Suggestive evidence of a vesicle-mediated mode of cell degranulation in chromaffin cells. A high resolution scanning electron microscopy investigation 2010 Crivellato E; Solinas P; Isola R; Ribatti D; Riva A JOURNAL OF ANATOMY
3-D structure of mitochondrial cristae in rat adrenal cortex varies after acute stimulation with ACTH and CRH 2010 Isola, Raffaella; Solinas, Paola; Loy, Francesco; Mariotti, Stefano; Riva, A. MITOCHONDRION
Oxytocin immunoreactivity in the human urethral (Littrè's) glands 2010 Isola M; Cossu M; De Lisa A; Isola R; Massa D; Casti A; Solinas P; Lantini MS JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT
Mitochondria of human Leydig cells as seen by high resolution scanning electron microscopy 2010 Riva A; Tandler B; Ushiki T; Usai P; Isola R; Conti G; Loy F; Hoppel CL ARCHIVES OF HISTOLOGY AND CYTOLOGY

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