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Investigating the Role of the Human Element in Maritime Accidents using Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Methods 2021 Fadda, Paolo; Fancello, Gianfranco; Frigau, Luca; Mandas, Marco; Medda, Andrea; Mola, Francesco; ...Pelligra, Vittorio; Porta, Mattia; Serra, Patrizia TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
Network-based semisupervised clustering 2021 Frigau, L.; Contu, G.; Mola, F.; Conversano, C. APPLIED STOCHASTIC MODELS IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY
Markov chain to analyze web usability of a university website using eye tracking data 2021 Zammarchi, Gianpaolo; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND DATA MINING
Consistent validation of gray-level thresholding image segmentation algorithms based on machine learning classifiers 2021 Frigau, L.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F. STATISTICAL PAPERS
Decomposing tourists’ sentiment from raw NL text to assess customer satisfaction 2021 Romano, M.; Mola, F.; Conversano, C. Firenze University Press
Reliability and reproducibility of the new AO/OTA 2018 classification system for proximal humeral fractures: a comparison of three different classification systems 2020 Marongiu, Giuseppe; Leinardi, Lorenzo; Congia, Stefano; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco; Capone, An...tonio JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY
Piano di uguaglianza di genere dell’Università degli Studi di Cagliari 2020 Aru, Manuela; Balia, Silvia; Barbieri, Barbara; Cabras, Cristina; Cadeddu, Giorgia; Carboni, Paol...a; Cois, Ester; De Simone, Silvia; Fadda, Paola; Lovari, Alessandro; Mola, Francesco; Raffo, Luigi; Scalas, Simona; Sois, Erika; Sulis, Giovanni UNICApress
Reliability, responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of the two Fear Avoidance and Beliefs Questionnaire scales in Italian subjects with chronic low back pain undergoing multidisciplinary rehabilitation 2020 Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Vernon, Howard; Rocca, Barbara; Giordano, Andrea; Vullo, Salvator...e S; Mola, Francesco; Franchignoni, Franco EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE
Empowering detection of malicious social bots and content spammers on Twitter by sentiment analysis 2020 Tavazoee, Farideh; Buscaldi, Davide; Mola, Francesco; Conversano, Claudio ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
Assessment of the effectiveness of digital flyers: analysis of viewing behavior using eye tracking 2020 Zammarchi, G; Conversano, C; Mola, F Pearson
University student achievements and international mobility. The case of University of Cagliari 2020 Contu, G; Frigau, L; Mola, F; Romano, M; Conversano, C ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
A statistical approach to the morphological classification of Prunus sp. seeds 2020 Frigau, Luca; Antoch, Jaromır; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Sarigu, Marco; Ucchesu, Mariano; Zaratin, Charline; Mola, Francesco PLANT BIOSYSTEMS
Il progetto DISCENTIA: UniCa per la didattica universitaria 2020 Fenu, Gianni; Mola, Francesco; Peretti, Diletta; Putzu, Ignazio E.; Tore, Raffaela; Usai, Elio GENOVA UNIVERSITY PRESS
The Italian version of the Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale: cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity in patients with chronic low back pain 2020 Monticone, M.; Frigau, L.; Mola, F.; Rocca, B.; Franchignoni, F.; Vullo, S. S.; Foti, C.;, A. EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL
Identifying factors affecting the status of superhost: evidence from Sardinia and Sicily 2020 Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco QUALITY & QUANTITY
Recurrent random forest for the assessment of popularity in social media 2020 Tavazoee, F.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F. KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Valutazione della web usability attraverso l'eye tracking: il caso studio del portale dell'Università di Cagliari 2019 Zammarchi, Gianpaolo; Mola, Francesco; Contu, Giulia; Frigau, Luca Franco Angeli
Customer Satisfaction from Booking 2019 Romano, M.; Frigau, L.; Contu, G.; Mola, F.; Conversano, C. Consortium GAAR
Hotel search engine architecture based on online reviews’ content 2019 Conversano, Claudio; Romano, Maurizio; Mola, Francesco Pearson
Sexual disability in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain-a multicenter retrospective analysis 2019 Ferrari, Silvano; Vanti, Carla; Frigau, Luca; Guccione, Andrew Anthony; Mola, Francesco; Ruggeri,... Martina; Pillastrini, Paolo; Monticone, Marco JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY SCIENCE
Template matching for hospital comparison: an application to birth event data in Italy 2019 Cannas, Massimo; Berta, Paolo; Mola, Francesco STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI
Classification-based approach for validating image segmentation algorithms 2019 Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco; Contu, Giulia Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Publications
Italian Version of the Risk Assessment and Prediction Tool: Properties and Usefulness of a Decision-Making Tool for Subjects’ Discharge after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty 2019 Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Sconza, Cristiano; Foti, Calogero; Mola, Francesco; Respizzi, Ste...fano INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STATISTICS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH
The impact of Airbnb on hidden and sustainable tourism: the case of Italy 2019 Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM POLICY
Online promotion of UNESCO heritage sites in Southern Europe: website information content and managerial implications 2019 Conversano, C; Contu, G; Mola, F ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Information content, interactivity and online popularity of the websites of world heritage sites: evidence from France, Italy and Spain 2019 Contu, G; Conversano, C; Frigau, L; Mola, F TOURISM, CULTURE & COMMUNICATION
Random effects clustering in multilevel modeling: choosing a proper partition 2019 Conversano, C; Cannas, M; Mola, F; Sironi, E ADVANCES IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION
Evaluation of the web usability of the University of Cagliari portal: an eye tracking study 2019 Zammarchi, Gianpaolo; Mola, Francesco EUC Edizioni Università di Cassino
Estimating the effect of prenatal care on birth outcomes 2018 Sironi, Emiliano; Cannas, Massimo; Mola, Francesco Springer
Classification, (Big) Data Analysis and Statistical Learning 2018 Mola, F; Conversano, C; Vichi, M Springer International
Development of the Italian version of the High-Activity Arthroplasty Score (HAAS-I) following hip and knee total arthroplasty: Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, validity and sensitivity to change 2018 Monticone, Marco; Capone, Antonio; Frigau, Luca; Marongiu, Giuseppe; Abelli, Paola; Mola,; Maffulli, Nicola; Foti, Calogero JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY AND RESEARCH
Responsiveness and minimal important change of the NeckPix© in subjects with chronic neck pain undergoing rehabilitation 2018 Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Vernon, Howard; Rocca, Barbara; Mola, Francesco EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL
A new management scheme to support reverse logistics processes in the agrifood distribution sector 2017 Fancello, G; Mola, F; Frigau, L; Serra, P; Mancini, S; Fadda, P TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA Elsevier B.V.
Investigating the Relationship Between Tweeting Style and Popularity: The Case of US Presidential Election 2016 2017 Tavazoee, F.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F. Springer
Combined methods in multi-label classification algorithms 2017 Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, Francesco Universitas Studiorum
La specialità sarda alla prova della crisi economica globale 2017 Coinu, Giovanni; Demuro, Gianmario; Mola, Francesco Edizioni scientifiche Italiane
Validation of experiments involving image segmentation of botanic seeds 2017 Antoch, Jaromir; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco Universitas Studiorum
Analisi quantitativa e individuazione di tipologie della specialità sarda 2017 Mola, Francesco; Conversano, Claudio; Fadda, Antonio; Frigau, Luca Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane
Measuring popularity from Twitter 2017 Tavazoee, Farideh; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, Francesco Universitas Studiorum
Template matching for hospital comparison: an application to birth event data in Italy 2017 Cannas, Massimo; Berta, Paolo; Mola, Francesco Universitas Studiorum
Variation in caesarean delivery rates across hospitals: a Bayesian semi-parametric approach 2017 Cannas, M; Conversano, C; Mola, F; Sironi, E JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICS
Cladag 2015 Book of Abstracts 2016 Mola, Francesco; Conversano, Claudio CUEC
Classification of Images Background Subtraction in Image Segmentation 2016 Mola, Francesco; Antoch, J.; Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio ACTA UNIVERSITATIS PALACKIANAE OLOMUCENSIS. FACULTAS RERUM NATURALIUM. MATHEMATICA
Assessing the Reliability of a Multi-Class Classifier 2016 Frigau L; Conversano C; Mola F Springer International Publishing
Estimating the effect of prenatal care on birth outcomes 2016 CANNAS, MASSIMO; Emiliano, Sironi; MOLA, FRANCESCO Cuec
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Image Segmentation method 2016 FRIGAU, LUCA; CONVERSANO, CLAUDIO; MOLA, FRANCESCO Universidade Aberta de Lisboa
La pianificazione territoriale e il sommerso turistico. Il caso “Provincia di Oristano” 2016 Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, Francesco Carocci
Improving the performance of image segmentation methods through background subtraction 2015 Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, Francesco International Statistical Institute
A note on the use of recursive partitioning in causal inference 2015 Conversano, Claudio; Cannas, Massimo; Mola, Francesco Springer International Publishing
A data mining approach to forecast late arrivals in a transhipment container terminal 2014 Pani C; Fadda P; Fancello G; Frigau L; Mola F TRANSPORT

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