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Investigating the Role of the Human Element in Maritime Accidents using Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Methods 2021 Fadda, Paolo; Fancello, Gianfranco; Frigau, Luca; Mandas, Marco; Medda, Andrea; Mola, Francesco; ...Pelligra, Vittorio; Porta, Mattia; Serra, Patrizia TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
LA CONTINUITA' TERRITORIALE MARITTIMA DA E PER LA SARDEGNA 2021 Fancello, Gianfranco; Vitiello, Daniel; Aramu, Valentina; Serra, Patrizia. DICAAR
Treatment of port wastes according to the paradigm of the circular economy 2020 Fadda, Paolo; Viola, Antonio; Carta, Michele; Secci, Debora; Fancello, Gianfranco; Serra, Patrizia Springer
Use of ICT for More Efficient Port Operations: The Experience of the EASYLOG Project 2020 Serra, Patrizia; Fancello, Gianfranco Springer
Processes for Noise Reduction in Urban Port Fronts 2020 Sollai, Federico; Baccoli, Roberto; Medda, Andrea; Fancello, Gianfranco; Serra, Patrizia; Fadda, ...Paolo Springer
Performance evaluation of a tracking system for intermodal traffic: an experimentation in the Tyrrhenian area 2020 FANCELLO, GIANFRANCO; SERRA, PATRIZIA; SCHINTU, ALESSANDRA; ZORATTI, ANDREA EUROPEAN TRANSPORT/TRASPORTI EUROPEI
Data Envelopment Analysis for the assessment of road safety in urban road networks: a comparative study using CCR and BCC models 2020 Fancello, Gianfranco; Carta, Michele; Serra, Patrizia CASE STUDIES ON TRANSPORT POLICY
Performance assessment of alternative SSS networks by combining KPIs and factor-cluster analysis 2020 Serra, Patrizia; Fancello, Gianfranco EUROPEAN TRANSPORT RESEARCH REVIEW
Design and optimisation of an innovative two-hub-and-spoke network for the Mediterranean short-sea-shipping market 2020 Fadda, Paolo; Fancello, Gianfranco; Mancini, Simona; Pani, Claudia; Serra, Patrizia COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING
Towards the IMO’s GHG goals: a critical overview of the perspectives and challenges of the main options for decarbonizing international shipping 2020 SERRA, PATRIZIA; FANCELLO, GIANFRANCO SUSTAINABILITY
Decision-Making for Maritime Networks: Evaluating Corporate and Social Profitability of an Integrated Short Sea Shipping Network in the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea 2020 Fancello, Gianfranco; Serra, Patrizia; Carta, Michele; Aramu, Valentina; Fadda, Paolo Springer
Comparative analysis of the effects of mobile phone use on driving performance using ANOVA and ANCOVA 2020 Fancello, Gianfranco; Adamu, Marta; Serra, Patrizia; Fadda, Paolo IET INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS
Investigating the potential mitigating role of network design measures for reducing the environmental impact of maritime Chains: The Mediterranean case 2020 SERRA, PATRIZIA; FADDA, PAOLO; FANCELLO, GIANFRANCO CASE STUDIES ON TRANSPORT POLICY
An experimental analysis on driving behaviour for professional bus drivers 2020 Fancello, G.; Daga, M.; Serra, P.; Fadda, P.; Pau, M.; Arippa, F.; Medda, A. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA Elsevier B.V.
Extended reality, intelligent agents and simulation to improve efficiency, safety and security in harbors and port plants 2019 Bruzzone, A. G.; Massei, M.; Sinelshchikov, K.; Fadda, P.; Fancello, G.; Fabbrini, G.; Gotelli, M. CAL-TEK
Analysis of discomfort during a 4-hour shift in quay crane operators objectively assessed through in-chair movements 2019 Leban, Bruno; Arippa, Federico; Fancello, Gianfranco; Fadda, Paolo; Pau, Massimiliano Springer Nature Switzerland
Road intersection ranking for road safety improvement: comparative analysis of multi-criteria decision making methods 2019 Fancello, G.; Carta, M.; Fadda, P. TRANSPORT POLICY
Mixed reality for industrial applications: interactions in human-machine system and modelling in immersive virtual environment 2019 Bruzzone, A. G.; Fancello, G.; Daga, M.; Leban, B.; Massei, M. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SIMULATION & PROCESS MODELLING
A network design optimization problem for ro-ro freight transport in the Tyrrhenian area 2019 Fancello, Gianfranco; Serra, Patrizia; Mancini, Simona PROBLEMY TRANSPORTU
A study on simulation for capability assessment and safety: Mitigating the impact of neurodegenerative diseases 2018 Bruzzone, Agostino G.; Fadda, Paolo; Massei, Marina; Fancello, Gianfranco; Sinelshchikov, Kirill;... Padovano, Antonio
An experimental analysis of Mediterranean supply chains through the use of cost KPIs 2018 Fancello, Gianfranco; Schintu, Alessandra; Serra, Patrizia TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
Multi-stakeholder collaboration in urban freight consolidation schemes: drivers and barriers to implementation 2018 Paddeu, D.; Parkhurst, G.; Fancello, G.; Fadda, P.; Ricci, M. TRANSPORT
An accident prediction model for urban road networks 2018 Fancello, Gianfranco; Soddu, S; Fadda, Paolo JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SAFETY & SECURITY
A bus allocation model for major industrial disasters 2017 Fadda, Paolo; Fancello, Gianfranco; Mancini, Simona; Pani, Claudia InTechOpen
Heart rate variability trend in quay crane simulation test 2017 Meloni, Michele; Lecca, LUIGI ISAIA; Setzu, Davide; DEL RIO, Alberto; Medda, Andrea; Fancello, Gi...anfranco; Fadda, Paolo EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
A new management scheme to support reverse logistics processes in the agrifood distribution sector 2017 Fancello, G; Mola, F; Frigau, L; Serra, P; Mancini, S; Fadda, P TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA Elsevier B.V.
An emergency vehicles allocation model for major industrial disasters 2017 Fancello, G; Mancini, S; Pani, C; Fadda, P TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
An experimental customer satisfaction index to evaluate the performance of city logistics services 2017 Paddeu, D; Fancello, G.; Fadda, P TRANSPORT
Investigating last food mile deliveries: A case study approach to identify needs of food delivery demand 2017 Fancello, G.; Paddeu, D.; Fadda, P. RESEARCH IN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS
Changes in trunk sway of quay crane operators during work shift: a possible marker for fatigue? 2017 Leban, B; Fancello, G; Fadda, P; Pau, M APPLIED ERGONOMICS
Effect of prolonged sitting on body-seat contact pressures among quay crane operators: a pilot study 2016 Pau, Massimiliano; Leban, Bruno; Fadda, Paolo; Fancello, Gianfranco; Nussbaum, Ma WORK
A new mediterranean hub based ro-ro network: from north western to south eastern ports 2016 Fadda, P; Fancello, G; Pani, C; Serra, P Aracne Editore
Evaluation of alternative scenarios of labour flexibility for dockworkers in maritime container terminals 2016 Serra P; Fadda P; Fancello G MARITIME POLICY AND MANAGEMENT
A Comparative Study of the Acceptability of and Satisfaction with Freight Smart Urban Mobility Solutions in Bristol (UK) and Cagliari (Italy) 2015 Paddeu, D; Fancello, G; Fadda, P
Optimal management of human resources in transhipment container ports 2015 Di Francesco M; Fancello G; Serra P; Zuddas P MARITIME POLICY AND MANAGEMENT
Prediction of late/early arrivals in container terminals - A qualitative approach 2015 Pani C; Vanelslander T; Fancello G; Cannas M EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE RESEARCH
A decision support system for road safety analysis 2015 Fancello G; Carta M; Fadda P TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
Multidisciplinary study of biological parameters and fatigue evolution in quay crane operators 2015 Fadda P; Meloni M; Fancello G; Pau M; Medda A; Pinna C; Del Rio A; Lecca LI; Setzu D; Leban B PROCEDIA MANUFACTURING
Percezione visiva dei pannelli a messaggio variabile: stima di un modello di previsione dei tempi di lettura 2014 Fancello G; Pinna C; Fadda P Egaf Edizioni
Sistema di supporto alle decisioni per la definizione della configurazione ottimale di un nuovo terminal RoRo: un applicazione sperimentale attraverso un modello multicriteria 2014 Fadda P; Fancello G Aracne
A modeling tool for measuring the performance of urban road networks 2014 Fancello G; Carta M; Fadda P PROCEDIA: SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
Aspetti generali 2014 Fancello G Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri
Iter amministrativo 2014 Fancello G Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri
Data Envelopment Analysis (D.E.A.) for urban road system performance assessment 2014 Fancello G; Uccheddu B; Fadda P PROCEDIA: SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
An experimental validation of ship to shore gantry crane simulator comparing with real data derived by terminal portainer 2014 Fancello G; Fadda P Aracne
Scenari di cooperazione tra porti container del Mediterraneo: un approccio di cluster gerarchica 2014 Fancello, G; Pani, C; Serra, P; Fadda, P Aracne
Port cooperation policies in the Mediterranean basin: an experimental approach using cluster analysis 2014 Fancello G; Pani C; Serra P; Fadda P
Reduced urban traffic and emissions within urban consolidation centre schemes: the case of Bristol 2014 Paddeu D; Fadda P; Fancello G; Parkhurst G; Ricci M TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA
Driving Ability Index (DAI) for assessing elderly people’s performance 2014 Meloni M; Pinna C; Lecca L; Fancello G; Del Rio A; Setzu D; Costa G; Fadda P AHFE Conference 2014
Reduced urban traffic and emissions within urban consolidation centre schemes: the case of Bristol 2014 Paddeu D; Fadda P; Fancello G; Parkhurst G; Ricci M

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