Titolo:  Coastal Monitoring System based on Social Internet of Things Platform
Data di pubblicazione:  2020
Data di prima pubblicazione on-line:  2019
Autori:  Girau, Roberto; Anedda, Matteo; Fadda, Mauro; Farina, Massimo; Floris, Alessandro; Sole, Mariella; Giusto, Daniele
Numero degli autori:  7
Lingua:  Inglese
Presenza coautori internazionali:  no
Volume:  7
Fascicolo:  2
Pagina iniziale:  1260
Pagina finale:  1272
Numero di pagine:  13
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):  http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/JIOT.2019.2954202
Codice identificativo Scopus:  2-s2.0-85079825597
Codice identificativo ISI:  WOS:000521981800036
Abstract:  Coast erosion is a process that degrades a coastal profile and is mainly due to natural factors (e.g., related to climate change) and overcrowding (e.g., urbanization and massive tourism). While the first cause can be considered a slow process, the growing presence of humans is leading to a rapid aging of coasts. The Mediterranean Sea authorities are focusing on the necessity for a systematic and comprehensive approach to the management of littoral areas. In this context, Italy is searching a promising solution to safeguard coasts but, at the same time, to manage in an intelligent and “green" way the big amount of tourists. Research community all over the world indicated Internet of Things (IoT) as a valid technology to develop solutions in order to try solving or mitigating the coastal erosion problem. IoT-based techniques allow to manage heterogeneous and massive data for real-time monitoring and decision making and can be used for coastal environment and crowd level monitoring. This paper presents a monitoring system based on the Social IoT (SIoT), a new paradigm which defines a network where every node is an object capable of establishing social relationships with other things in an autonomous way according to specific rules. Thanks to social relationships, all involved devices in the monitoring system (i.e., sensors, cameras, and smartphones) are able to collect and exchange information. The proposed system, developed and installed in Cagliari (Italy), is able to evaluate the occupational state of a beach considering environmental and crowding data collected by devices and feedback sent by users.
Parole chiave:  Social Internet of Things, Cloud Platform, Environment Monitoring, Crowd Detection, Eco-Tourism, Sensor Networks.
Tipologia: 1.1 Articolo in rivista

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