Titolo:  East to East. Dinamiche domestico-internazionali, obiettivi bidirezionali e strategie economiche nelle relazioni fra Asia Orientale ed Europa centro-orientale
Data di pubblicazione:  19-mag-2014
Abstract:  The research studies the economic relationship between Central Eastern Europe and East Asia, in particular the foreing trade and the foreign direct investments, by analyzing their political influences and implications. The research is divided in two parts. The first part involves the relationship between the two regions after the second world war until the events of 1989. The cold war and the sino-soviet split affected the economic bilateral ties in that period. The growth or the decrease of the foreign trade were the consequence of the choices made in the foreign policy field. The vents of 1989, however, definitely changed the relationship between Central Eastern Europe and East Asia. The second part of the research involves the bilateral trade and foreign investmens made after the 1989. During the Nineties the trade exchanges decreased because the crisis that affected the Central Eastern Europe countries. During 2000s the relationship has become stronger than before thanks to the foreign direct investments made in Europe by Japanese, Korean and, recently, Chinese investors. The future of the relationship between Central Eastern Europe and East Asia is uncertain, because the relevant differences between them, and depends from the choices the Asian giants will make next years.
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