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Identification of marker chromosomes in bladder tumor. 1986 Vanni R; Scarpa RM; Nieddu M; Usai E UROLOGIA INTERNATIONALIS
Cytogenetic investigation on 30 bladder carcinomas. 1988 Vanni R; Scarpa RM; Nieddu M; Usai E. CANCER GENETICS AND CYTOGENETICS
Trisomy 7 in a case of transitional Cell Carcinoma of the 1989 R.VANNI; NIEDDU M; R.M.SCARPA; R.MIGLIARI; E. USAI CANCER GENETICS AND CYTOGENETICS
Uterine leiomyoma cytogenetics. I. Rearrangements of chromosome 12. 1989 Vanni R; Nieddu M; Paoli R; Lecca U CANCER GENETICS AND CYTOGENETICS
The DNA fragment solubilized and unsolubilized by AluI and BstNI digestion in situ of fixed chromosomes of mouse 1992 R., Mezzanotte; Rossino, Rossano; Nieddu, Mariella; C. LOPEZ FERNANDEZ AND J., Gosalvez CHROMOSOMA
The molecular characterization of the genome of Muraena helena L. Isolation and hybridization of two Mbol-restricted DNA fractions 1995 PICHIRI G.; NIEDDU M.; CONI P.P.; SALVADORI S.; DEIANA M.; DEIANA A.M.; MEZZANOTTE R. GENOME
Sulphonation of cytosine residues in fixed chromosomes 1995 MEZZANOTTE R; ROSSINO R; NIEDDU M; BELLA JL; LOPEZ-FERNANDEZ C; GOSALVEZ J CYTOBIOS
Deblurring and 3D-like rendering of light microscope images 1996 DIAZ G; SETZU MD; DIANA A; ZUCCA A; ENNAS MG; NIEDDU M MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
On the presence of DNA polymerase alpha in human lymphocyte nuclei and chromosomes 1996 Ennas MG; Suzuki H; Menegazzi M; Carcereri A; Hanaoka F; Gremo F; Nieddu M; Mezzanotte R HEREDITY
Sex-independent chimerism quantification by restriction endonuclease in situ digestion (REISD): New insights. 1997 By:buno, I; Fernandez, Jl; Rossino, R; Nieddu, M; Delatorre, J; Torroja, E; Lopezfernandez, C; Me...zzanotte, R; Diezmartin, Jl; Gosalvez, J BLOOD
The human ALL-1/MLL/HRX antigen is predominantly localized in the nucleus of resting and proliferating peripheral blood mononuclear cells 1997 ENNAS MG; SORIO C; GREIM R; NIEDDU M; SCARPA A; ORLANDINI S; CROCE CM; FEY GH; MARSCHALEK R. CANCER RESEARCH
The wild-type all-1 protein is localized in the nucleus and interacts with the nuclear chromatin 1997 ENNAS MG; GREIM R; SORIO C; NIEDDU M; LOCHENER SCARPA A; CROCE CMC; FEY GH; MARSCHALEK R CANCER RESEARCH
Cytogenetic and molecular characteristics of Atlantic eels (Anguilla anguilla and A. rostrata) genome 1998 Salvadori, Susanna; Cau, Angelo; Deiana, ANNA MARIA; Coluccia, Elisabetta; Milia, A; Cannas, Rita...; Nieddu, Mariella; Pichiri, Giuseppina; Mezzanotte, Roberto THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY
A comparative analysis of European and American eel (Anguilla anguilla and Anguilla rostrata) genomic DNA: 5S rDNA polymorphism permits the distinction between the two populations 1998 NIEDDU M; PICHIRI G; CONI P; SALVADORI S; DEIANA AM; MEZZANOTTE R GENOME
The efficiency of in-situ hybridization on human chromosomes with alphoid DNAs is enhanced by previous digestion with AluI and TaqI 1999 Nieddu M; Rossino R; Pichiri G; Rocchi M; Setzu MD; Mezzanotte R CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
The human ALL-1/MLL/HRX antigen is resting and proliferating peripheral blood mononuclear cells. 1999 Ennas MG; Sorio C; Greim R; Nieddu M; Scarpa A; Orlandini S; Croce CM; Marschalek R
On the variability of MboI repeated sequences and 5S rDNA in Muraena helena and Gymnothorax unicolor ( Anguilliformes, Muraenide ) 2000 PICHIRI G.; CONI P.; DEIANA A.M.; NIEDDU M.; MEZZANOTTE R. CHROMOSOME RESEARCH
The impact of StuI digestion in situ on FISH to human chromosomes with satellite DNA probes 2003 NIEDDU M; PICHIRI G; MELIS V; MEZZANOTTE R HEREDITY
The organization of classical satellite DNAs in human chromosomes: an approach using Ulul and Taql restriction endonucleases 2003 NIEDDU M; G. PICHIRI; G.DIAZ; R.MEZZANOTTE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
FGF2-iduced upregulation of DNA polymerase-δ p12 subunit in endothelial cells 2005 DELL'ERA P; NICOLI S; PERI G; NIEDDU M; ENNAS MG; PRESTA M ONCOGENE

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