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01 March 2021

Records from the lectures

All lectures are in Italian. Please refer to the Italian section of the website for the links to the recorded lectures.

27 March 2021

Classroom and homework exercises

Some exercises are available either with a detailed solution with theory recals or wit just a trace of the solution. Texts are in Italian.

20 April 2021


Some slides on topics presented during lectures. They are not exaustive of the matter and are not sufficient for preparing the final exam. Some slides from PhD courses are available for a deeper insight onthe sliding mode topic.

pdf slides
24 February 2021

Slides from the e-learning course

4 zip-files are availiable with the slides presented during the on-line lecures of the e-learning course, divided for teaching module.

Diagrams and charts for the controller design
28 February 2021

Diagrams and charts

Some charts and diagrams useful for the design of controllers in single-loop control systems are available.

Questionnaire and social

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