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Professional Master Programmes

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Professional Master Programmes

University Professional Master Programmes ensure life-long scientific and andvanced training courses, after the award of 1st/2nd level degrees. They start on the proposal of a University Department and can be opened in collaboration with public or private, Italian or foreign institutions/entities.

Professional Master Programmes are divided into 2 categories:
- 1st level, accessible with a 1st level university degree (in Italy Laurea) or another eligible degree awarded abroad;
- 2nd level, accessible with a 2nd level degree (in Italy Laurea Magistrale or Laurea Specialistica), or an equivalent degree awarded according to the rules previously in force, or a valid degree awarded abroad.

Candidates holding a degree awarded abroad are admitted to our Professional Master Programmes only after the Selecting Commitee will have certified its equivalence with the one needed to access the programme.

Find out our notices of competition and the instructions on how to apply in our "News and Deadlines" section.

The administrative office in charge is the Ph.D. and Professional Master Office at the Post Lauream Secretariat - Campus Aresu, via San Giorgio 12 in Cagliari.

The Office is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

E-mail: dottoratiemaster@unica.it

Person in charge: Monica Melis, tel: +39 070 675 6494

Stefania Angioni, tel: +39 070 675 6492
Antonella Cadoni, tel: +39 070 675 6491
Roberta Leu, tel: +39 070 675 6459

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