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26 March 2018
Scena Erasmus: a theatrical and cultural project


Scena Erasmus is a theatrical and cultural project pioneer in Europe with the central location in the University of Valencia, to which participate mostly Erasmus Students

“Escena Erasmus” (Scena Erasmus) is born with the aim to create a network of universities and schools of theatre establishing through agreements and specific projects an active theatrical circuit, that promote the interchange of the theatre productions staged in each of the institutions involved in the project.

Born five years ago thanks to the University of Valencia, the theatrical project has been showed in 124 Spanish regions and has reached European cities as Cagliari, Padua, Rome, Marburg, Sofia, Ankara, Leeds and Berlin. The final aim of the program is to increase and complete the formation of the students with the practice of the scenic arts. Between the future projects of “Escena Erasmus” there are the creation of the new association "Cultura Escenica Europea" and the iniziative "Erasmus Scene Network" to make easier the Exchange of the students.

Who can participate:

The Erasmus students, the students of other Exchange programmes and the students of University of Cagliari. Proportion: 70% foreign students and Erasmus, 30% local students.

Description of the course:

The actor and the realisation of his harmonic plenty, in the character, in his own, in relation to the others and to the public. Through an articulated theoretical and applicative preparation, the course aimed to attract on stories and characters, the capacity of acting, the mimicking and singing of the participants, giving the essential instruments to use in the best way their own faculties.

The course provides:

  • Acting principles
  • Text and Subtext
  • Acting techniques
  • Macro and micro-reactions
  • Use of the word and the voice
  • FInal scenic outcome
  • Any tour in Sardinia.

In the end of the Course  a certificate of attendance to the project of Exchange “Scena Erasmus” will be given.

For more information do not hesitate to contact: Scuola d'Arte Drammatica Cagliari

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