Autore dell'avviso: [2/66] Corso di LM in Relazioni Internazionali

27 September 2022
Winter school ‘International Relations and Threats to Global Security’ in person form 8-29 January in person. Students will receive 6 ECTS (possibility of 8 ECTS) for the course - Deadline to apply is 1 November


A fabulous opportunity for students to learn about different areas of security threats (hybrid, energy, cyber, migration, etc.) during 3 weeks.

The course also travels to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna for 3 days (1 academic visiting NGOs in the field and 2 cultural days). During the time in Brno, students will be treated to our daily social/cultural activity offer outside of the classroom. 

Masaryk University offers a *special* EDUC discount to 1 student from each partner for 1500 EUR – if more students want to come, then they would pay the normal ‘partner university’ discount of 1800 EUR. The fees include the following:

  • Tuition for the winter school
  • Accommodation in Brno and weekend trips
  • Academic trips
  • Transportation for the weekend trips (Prague, Vienna, Budapest)
  • Opening and Closing receptions
  • Culture activities around Brno

Students can find more information here:

Deadline to apply is 1 November.

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