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27 October 2021
CercleS' 30th anniversary - invitation


Dear members, 

this year is CercleS' 30th anniversary. Since there were not many opportunities to gather and celebrate this year, we have decided to extend the celebrations, culminating in the next CercleS conference in Porto, Portugal on 15-17 September 2022.

As part of the anniversary, we would like to have a special "anniversary slogan". And we would also like you to nominate deserving persons or institutions to become honorary members of CercleS. Please see the details below.

Call for action 1 

Slogan competition

We invite submissions for an anniversary slogan, which can be used in emails and on PowerPoint slides throughout 2022. The slogan should reflect inclusion, creativity, and an orientation toward the future. The prize for the winning contributor is that CercleS will cover their 2022 CercleS conference and conference dinner fees. :) Deadline: 30 November 2021

Call for action 2 

Honorary members

You are invited to nominate institutions or individuals to become honorary members in consideration of their support for CercleS. As per the CercleS statutes, the Executive Committee will then decide about their admission. Deadline: 30 November 2021


We look forward to your contributions!

With best regards, 

Your Executive Committee

CercleS General Secretariat

Université de Lorraine
UFR Lansad (Langues pour Spécialistes d’Autres Disciplines)
CLSH - 23 Boulevard Albert 1er - B.P. 60546
54005 NANCY CEDEX, France
tel: +33 3 72 74 30 40

E-mail: Website:

Last notices

28 November 2021

Opportunità di lavoro

Lidl incontra laureati e laureandi in Scienze Economiche, Scienze Giuridiche e Politiche, Statistica, Ingegneria e Matematica.

27 November 2021

Avviso per gli studenti del corso di Storia romana 1 (Lettere): orario della lezione di lunedì 29.11.2021 e sede della lezione di martedì 30.11.2021

Si ricorda che la lezione di Storia romana 1 (Corso di Laurea in Lettere) prevista per lunedì 29.11.2021 si terrà dalle 17.15 alle 18.45 (aula 17 per chi segue in presenza). La lezione dell'indomani, martedì 30.11, avrà luogo con il consueto orario, ma si terrà nell'aula 9 e non nella 17. Si ricorda inoltre che la capienza dell'aula 9 è di 50 posti.

Questionnaire and social

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