UniCa UniCa News Communication First SHORT COURSE ON MULTIHAZARD FOR EXTREME EVENTS: Fires, Explosions, Floods, Earthquakes

First SHORT COURSE ON MULTIHAZARD FOR EXTREME EVENTS: Fires, Explosions, Floods, Earthquakes

We warmly wish to invite you to attend the first short course on multihazard for extreme events: Fires, Explosions, Floods, Earthquakes, to be held in Cagliari, Italy, on 17th - 20th September 2019.
16 July 2019

The increasing complexity of human settlements characterized by significant demographic increases and socio-economic development, leads to interconnected urban and infrastructural systems. Consequently, the safety expectation and the reliability of the territorial systems is growing. In addition, recent climatic changes and greater awareness of the anthropized environment protection raise new questions to the scientific community.
Indeed, an increasing demand for risk prediction comes from civil society. New tools for risk assessment are necessary to mitigate the effects of extreme events, both natural and anthropogenic. The links and interconnections among these events represent the cutting edge of many civil engineering research fields. Thus, "multi-hazard", i.e. the possibility that individual events can be chained together negatively, is the core concept of this course.

Course content and objectives:
Considering the main natural hazards (floods, earthquakes) and anthropic risks (fires, explosions), the course introduces to multi-hazard approaches.
In the first day an overview of the main risks and forecasting methodologies, with an emphasis on multi-hazard will be provided.
In the second day scientific insights on the fires and explosion effects on structures and infrastructures will be discussed.
During the third day natural risks like earthquakes will be analysed considering their impact on urban environment and infrastructures. A visit to an important LNG tank construction site will be held in the same day, where it will be possible to observe significant applications of risk assessment and mitigation techniques.
On the final day the flooding risk will be discussed with a focus on the past Italian experiences.
The main objective is thus to provide the participants with a solid basis for using multi-hazard approach in trying to achieve a robust and resilient design of urban environment and its infrastructure.

The support received from IABSE and Secured Solutions is acknowledged. 

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