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The course, consistent with the architecture, landscape and society curriculum, focuses on the methods of theoretical-conceptual processing and the restitution and communication of an architectural project. A theoretical line and an oriented narration derived from selected bibliographical references will be developed to support a synthetic design experience. The aim of the course is to train the student on some of the main themes of the debate on architecture not in a passive and abstract sense - autonomous with respect to the concrete experience of the project - but within an active process of discussion and defence of specific design intentions. The student will increase his knowledge and understanding of the topics and rhetoric of communication and transmission of architecture, gaining awareness on relationships between theoretical reflection and design languages.


To profitably attend the course, it is advisable to refer to the topics learned in the theoretical module of the theory and design laboratory of the first year, which in fact is to be considered an introduction. Also important are the basic notions of the history of modern and contemporary architecture and elementary information on the contemporary lines of the disciplinary debate.


The course will be dedicated to monographic topics concerning the main lines of the debate on architecture and architectural and urban design. The topics will be illustrated referring to the general framework of architectural culture and through the discussion and reading of selected texts.

Teaching Methods

The course will take place through ex cathedra lectures, text discussion seminars and a design or meta-design exercise. The different methods are to be considered organic and integrated for the purposes of the final outcome. The course has a duration of 30 hours and will be divided into 5-hour days: each day will be divided into a part dedicated to communication or seminars and a workshop part for reviewing the design exercise. The final day of the course will take the form of a public presentation of the results and discussion of the topics covered starting from the bibliography indicated during the lessons.

Verification of learning

In addition to judging the outcome of the exercise, the final evaluation of the course will take into account the student's attendance and active participation in lectures, seminars and his diligence and continuity in the project work.


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More Information

Documents, texts and material relating to the course and the design exercise will be made available to students through digital sharing.

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