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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[70/80]  CIVIL ENGINEERING [80/00 - Ord. 2013]  PERCORSO COMUNE 2 30
[70/84]  ENERGETIC ENGINEERING [84/00 - Ord. 2018]  PERCORSO COMUNE 2 30


The laboratory focuses essentially on applications conducted with the aid of computers and specialist software. Students will also be provided with printed and computer material for independent practice. The laboratory will be coordinated by the professor and conducted in collaboration with tutors (contract researchers / PhD students).


To attend the laboratory sessions students are required to have passed the exam or be following the course in Transportation Planning.


Laboratory sessions will in fact focus primarily on the application of traffic assignment models to static and dynamic networks at the macro- and micro-simulation levels, topics covered during the course. The first sessions will be devoted to reviewing the main basic concepts of dynamic assignment models and analysing the specialist software adopted for their implementation. In the second part students will analyse the contexts, provided by the coordinator, of practical application of the model. In the third part students will independently construct the simulation model of the current state of the project, with the assistance of the tutor where necessary, and evaluate its performance. Lastly, the students will present the work conducted (report and Power point presentation).

Teaching Methods

The course consists of face-to-face classroom lectures, laboratory practicals and homework exercises.

Verification of learning

The students will present the work conducted (report and Power point presentation). The assignment prepared by the students for the final session will be assessed by the coordinator.


Slides used in the classroom lectures and a list of specialist journals and books.

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