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Course Information

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Set up according to policy
2   Years  
CFU credits
Type of course
D.M. 270/2004  
Degree class
LM-30 - Energy and nuclear engineering
Teaching locations
Cagliari - Università degli Studi 
Sito del Corso
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List of subjects per Curriculum
PERCORSO COMUNE - Ordinamento 2018

Requirements for access

One choice from the following:
1. - FIRST LEVEL DEGREE - in ipotesi
2. - Pre-reform Degree (old regulation)
4. - Master's Degree


Dates and deadlines


Tuition fees

Leggi il Regolamento contribuzione studentesca

Tassa per la partecipazione ai test di ammissione ai Corsi di studio Euro 23,05
Studenti in corso - Contributo onnicomprensivo annuale da Euro 315,52 a Euro 2.943,18 in funzione dell'ISEE e dei CFU acquisiti
Studenti fuori corso - Contributo onnicomprensivo annuale da Euro 315,52 a Euro 4.567,75 in funzione dell'ISEE, dell'anno di fuori corso e dei CFU acquisiti
Imposta di bollo Euro 16
Tassa regionale ERSU per reddito complessivo familiare superiore a Euro 25.000 Euro 140
Sono previsti esoneri totali dal pagamento delle tasse o parziali (contributo calmierato e riduzioni), indicati nel Regolamento contribuzione studentesca che è opportuno consultare.

Outline, texts, goals...

Access to further study

Third cycle courses

Professional status

Masters graduate in Energy Engineering
Possible career opportunities include:
- the Energy management sector, companies and local public bodies providing Energy services; it is noted here that Italian Legislation requires the position of "technician responsible for the conservation and rational use of Energy" (Energy Manager) to be inserted in the organisation of companies consuming large amounts of Energy in industry, the tertiary sector and hospitals;
- the design, testing, operation and maintenance of power plants, such as small- and medium-sized plants for the generation, distribution and use of Energy, heating and cooling systems and food preservation systems;
- the design of thermodynamic systems for building engineering in accordance with existing legislation;
- the testing and certification of building energy performance in accordance with existing legislation;
- industries that produce and sell machinery and components for Energy transformation, such as boilers, air conditioners, refrigerators, motors, heat exchangers, compressors and gas and steam hydro turbines;
- power companies operating in the thermoelectric, hydroelectric, motor, oil and natural gas power sectors, in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution;
- freelance professional, after passing the State examination and enrolling with the competent professional body.

Title conferred

Laurea Magistrale Energy Engineering

Language(s) of instruction/examination


Questionnaire and social

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