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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[70/83]  ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING [83/00 - Ord. 2018]  PERCORSO COMUNE 5 50


Knowledge and understanding in
• Fundamentals and methods for the Design for Reliability

Application of knowledge and understanding in
• Designing Accelerated Life Tests
• Designing statistical Reliability analysis of complex systems (FMEA)
• Reading and understanding datasheets of commercial optoelectronic light emitters

Ability to identify and use data to formulate responses to

• Evaluation of lifetimes form life test data of simple devices
• Reading the experimental data in terms of measuring physical and technological parameters

Communication skills
• Ability to cooperate with peers in solving given problems, proposed to groups of students, and to report to the teacher
• Ability to illustrate and discuss the results of own studies

Learning skills
• Ability to access complementary sources for studying the theory and solve assigned problems.
• Practice with the bibliographic search.


The fundamental requirements belong to the contents of the courses of Semiconductor Physics and Electron Devices given at the University of Cagliari, bachelor degree in Ingegneria Elettrica, Elettronica ed Informatica.
Are useful:
• The practical skill with computational programs and graphical outputs of numerical data
• The familiarity with datasheets slide editors and word processors


50 hours (5 hours per week): 35 hours are reserved for lessons, 15 hours are for exercises, tests and seminars
1) Reliability and Quality. Design for Reliability/Risk managent (8h)
2) Statistical basis and Parametric probability distributions in reliability (10h)
3) Acceleration factors and accelerated life testing (10h)
4) Systems reliability (Part stress and Part Count Analysis) (10h)
5) RBD (Reliability Block Diagram), FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). Reliability Assurance (10h)
6) Counterfeit electronics

Teaching Methods

10 weekly sub-modules of 5 hours each.
(70% hours are lessons, 30% hours are reserved for exercises, tests and seminars)
Evaluation by individual tests
In addition, exercises are organized for groups of students, prompting them to discuss and cooperate.
Laboratory activity e.g on accelerated lifetest

Verification of learning

Two possibilities:
1) individual and group tests evaluation + report
in order to verify
1) Knowledge and understanding of terminology, principles and models
2) Ability in determining when to use appropriate reliability procedures
3) Communication skills and the acquired learning- by- doing capability

Final score for this module: score obtained with the individual tests + score (1-2 points) obtained with the practical activity and report.

written test :10 questions (score: 0-3 / each question) + practical experiment and report
Final score for this module: score obtained with the individual test + score (1-2 points) obtained with the practical activity and report.


Lecture Notes
P. Citti Fondamenti di Affidabilità
E. Pollino L'affidabilità dei componenti elettronici a semiconduttore.
Design for Reliability, First Edition. Edited by Dev Raheja, Louis J. Gullo. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons
Also, the search for other texts is encouraged.

More Information

Slides of seminars and conferences held at international symposia on the main topics of the course.

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