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[70/83]  ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING [83/00 - Ord. 2018]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 60


The aim of the course is delivering to the student knowledge about microcontroller systems, their programming and their usage. Starting from the already acquired bases of electronics and computer science, the student should be capable of design, use and evaluate in a critical way microcontroller systems. The frequent adoption of the simulator (for device simulation) and of the compiler (for the practical usage of the device) will let the student evaluate autonomosly the designed/programmed system and face the design/programming of microcontrollers under multiple practical aspects.


Knowledge provided by digital electronics and computer science courses is necessary.


1) Microcontrollers:
2) Data buses and memory mapping
3) Interrupts
4) Analog I/O
5) Programming Microcontrollers
6) Demonstrative project

Teaching Methods

Every week, about 4 hours of the course are dedicated to lessons (practical exercises are also carried out), while other 2 hours are dedicated to practice with the usage of simulator/compilator.

Verification of learning

The assessment of the learning results aquisition is carried out by means of a written exercise on theoretical and design aspects of the course and by means of a practical project (a written report will be required) such that the student will demonstrate the acquired skills on design and usage of microcontrollers systems.


Teaching matherial used during the lessons (
D.A. Patterson, J.L. Hennessy, "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface", Morgan Kaufmann Publisher, 2013.

More Information

The usage of simulator and compiler will allow the student to self-check solutions of the carried out exercises.

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