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[70/83]  ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING [83/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 2 30


Knowledge and understanding of
• Semiconductor Technology
• Reverse Engineering
• Failure mechanisms
• principles and fundamental methods in Electron Microscopy
• Methodology for the Failure Analysis
Application of knowledge and understanding in
• Performing electrical measurements on electron devices
• Performing selective deprocessing
• Analyzing the surface of a device by using optical and electronic microscopes

Ability to identify and use data to formulate responses to

• Reading the experimental data in terms of degradation of electrical behavior
• Evaluation of a failure analysis report

Communication skills
• Ability to cooperate with peers in solving given problems and to report to the teacher
• Ability to illustrate and discuss the results of own studies

Learning skills
• Ability to access complementary sources for studying the theory
• Practice with bibliographic search.


Electron Devices - Reliability


30 hours
18 frontal lectures
12 laboratory activities

Teaching Methods

frontal lectures:
Semiconductor Technology
Electron Microscopy (SEM, TEM, EDS, FIB)
Failure Analysis Techniques and Reverse Engineering
Failure modes and Failure mechanisms
laboratory activities:
Scanning electron microscopy analysis
Failure Analysis

Verification of learning

The final evaluation consists of an oral test / a presentation of a report


Failure Analysis of Integrated circuits - tool and techniques L.C.Wagner - Kluwer Academic Publishers


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