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[70/77]  CHEMICAL ENGINEERING [77/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 9 90


Fundamentals of unit operations (distillation, absorption, liquid-liquid extraction) for binary and multicomponent systems; Separators for Homogeneous Fluid Mixtures
Fundamentals of heat transfer in the process industry- Heat exchangers
- Design of separation equipment
-Design of heat transfer equipment
-Ranking of different apparatuses and processes, with regard to technical, economic and environmental issues

-critical analysis of industrial specification, also referring to environmental issues
-simulation of process units and plants
-analysis of technical literature
-presentation of the results, identification of the main parameters of a problem, preparation of documents according to defined standards


Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibrium
Transport phenomena


Separation processes, separating agent and theoretical stage of separation, yield of a separation stage.

Separation processes
Distillation (h 27)
Liquid/vapor Equilibrium
Single stage (Flash) and multi stage distillation, batch and continuous mode operation
McCabe-Thiele method for multistage binary distillation
Short-cut methods for binary and multi component distillation

Separation processes other distillation (h 20)
Gas liquid absorption and Stripping for binary mixtures
Liquid Liquid extraction

Heat Transfer (10 h)
Mechanisms of heat transfer
Design of heat exchangers, countercurrent and other hydraulic arrangements
Resistances to heat transfer, overall heat transfer coefficients
Heat transfer coefficients for systems with phase change

Design of process equipment (h 30)
Double pipe and shell and tubes heat exchangers
Plate and frame exchangers
Finned tube and plates
Tray columns: type of trays, application, height and diameter.
Packed columns, random and structured packing, height and diameter

Basics of Process Economics (h Lez. 3)
Capital and operating cost, annualized capital cost, Total Annual Cost

Teaching Methods

90 h, (60 lecture, 30 practice).

Verification of learning

Referring to the objectives:
-a written test to evaluate competence in choice and sizing of equipment and skills in the analysis of industrial specifications, simulation and preparation of documents.
The students must be at least able to calculate number of stages for a given separation and the area of a heat exchanger
Number of stages for a separation and area of a heat exchanger max 21/30
Rating of columns or heat exchangers without input data max 24/30
Critical analysis of design options max 30/30


Kacac - Heat Exchangers - CRC press
Coulson-Richardson - Chemical Engineering - vol. 2, vol. 6.
Smith - Chemical Process Design and Integration - Wiley
Peters - Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers

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