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Knowledge and understanding : The main objective of Fundamental of Computer Tecnology course is to provide to the student necessary tools to understand basic concepts of computer science, artificial intelligence, data analytics and computer architecture, basic algorithm design for data structures, heuristic evaluation function.
Knowledge and understanding application. The student will be able to understand the organization and the working logic of modern information system, computer architecture, to develop algoriths for “classic” and “heuristic” problems solving.
Judgment autonomy The student will be able to interpret, evaluate and express independent judgments in relation to issues related to the fundamental principles of computer tecnology.
Communication skills. The student will be able to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions according to basic knowledges learned in the course.
Ability to learn with a high degree of autonomy the student will be albe to collect, organize and elaborate notions aquired during the course.


No requirement


- Binary Representation of Numbers: natural, integer, fractional and real numbers.
- Character encoding. Coding of images, sounds and video.
- Concept of algorithm, languages and computer systems. Applications of computer science and its subject areas. Coding algorithms..
- Basic concepts of computer architecture
- Basic concept of operating system
- Introduction to computer security: basic concepts about computer security. Cyber attacks. Basics of authentication and encryption.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and guided exercises (48 hours).
homework or work on Moodle platform

Verification of learning

The exam is made through a written test on Moodle platform, including open-ended questions and multiple choice questions on topics covered in the course
The test is mandatory. A further oral test is required for students that obtain a score in the range between 16 and 20, optional for students that obtain a higher score. In case of oral examination, the final score will be balanced as follows: 30% for oral examination, 70% for written examination


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- J.G. Brookshear. Informatica. Una panoramica generale. Pearson, 2012.

More Information

Tools to support teaching at : Among them the student can find slides showed during the course, conversion exercises between different format number with solutions, written test with solutions.

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