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[60/61]  COMPUTER SCIENCE [61/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 60


Knowledge and understanding:

• Understand what designing a video game is like
• Know the various types of video games that one can develop
• Know the geometric foundations of computer graphics

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding:

• Resolve exercises on topics discussed during the course
• Read code portions, written in C# and understand for what purpose they are designed, based on the interpretation of the code and the context in which they are
• Design an application based on the Unity development platform based on existing code specification and portions

Judgment autonomy

• Develop the final project based on the specifications that are provided autonomously about planning and implementation choices

Communicative Skills

• Being able to present the final project by discussing the design and implementation choices

Learning ability

• Develop the spirit of collaboration during the final project development, to be held in groups of up to 3 people


Notions of matrix calculus learned during Discrete Mathematics.


Points, Vectors, and Geometric Transformations
The composition of scenes: the scene graph
Physical simulation in video games
Collision management
Particle systems
Three-dimensional meshes
Textures and texture mapping
Artificial intelligence within the games
The animation in video games
Networking for video games
Audio and rendering

Teaching Methods

24 hours of lectures and 36 hours of lab.

Verification of learning

To pass the exam, the student should:
• Conduct a test consisting of 32 multiple choice questions, each of which is worth 1 point.
• Design and develop an application project in a team of a maximum of three persons. The teacher will assign the specifics of the project. The teams will upload the project at different stages, as requested.
The student must pass both tasks.
The final mark, minimum 18, is the average of the two votes.

Questionnaire and social

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