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[60/61]  COMPUTER SCIENCE [61/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 12 120


The course aims to teach the student the fundamentals of Operating Systems, providing solid foundations for understanding the problems and strategies for the design and implementation of application programs, also by showing the evolution of technology and the abstract layers on which they are based


The fundamental concepts of Computer Science as taught in the following courses: "Fundamentals of Computer Science", "Programming 1", "Computer Architectures 1", and "Algorithms and Data Structures"


1. Introduction to the Operatig systems
1a. Processors, HW-SW interface
1b. Monoprogramming
1c. Main purposes of an operating system
2. Processes
3. Threads
4. CPU Scheduling
5. Sinchronization
6. Deadlocks
7. Main Memory
8. Virtual Memory
9. File system
10. I/O system
11. Virtual Machines

1. Introduction to using the Linux operating system
1.a Installation, introduction to the command line, basic management of files and directories (theory and exercises)
1.b Advanced file and directory management, text editor (theory and tutorials)
1.c System configuration, system control by shell, Drives management (theory and exercises)
1.d Advanced commands, regular expressions (theory and exercises)
2. Bash Programming (theory and exercises)
3. Introduction to system programming in Linux environment
4. Processes and basic communication between them (Introduction to theory and practical examples in Linux)
5. Threads and concurrent programming (Introduction to theory and practical examples in Linux)
6. Interprocess Communication (theoretical references and practical examples in Linux)

Teaching Methods

Lectures and exercises in the classroom (48 hours) and assisted laboratory sessions (72 hours)
Slides and exercises will be put online.

Due to the epidemiological Covid-19 scenario, the teaching needs can be ensured through live streaming lessons or through recordings of them, subsequently made available online.

Therefore, the teaching can be performed both in presence and online and, for this reason, at the semester beginning each student can opt, with a binding choice, for face-to-face or distance teaching. However, his/her choice will be subject to restrictions on the basis of the classrooms availability and the number of students who will opt for the face-to-face mode.

In addition, lectures and laboratory activities could be regulated by shifts for the access to the classrooms/laboratories, and the laboratory activities could be replaced/integrated by online activities.

Verification of learning

Written and/or oral exam, with the possibility of partial exams and of projects assignment during the course.

In accordance with the "Manifesto of studies A.Y. 2021-2022", and compatibly with the circumstances related to the pandemic situation, teaching will be made mainly in face-to-face way, integrated and "augmented" through online strategies, with the aim to grant its fruition in an innovative and inclusive way.


Operating System Concepts - IX edit: Silbershatz-Galvin-Gagne. -Pearson

More Information

Slides : https://elearning.unica.it/ (Course "Sistemi Operativi", Sections "Lezioni Teoria" and "Lezioni Programmazione Bash")

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