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Oncology: At the end of the course the student will have to know the general concepts of diagnosis and active screening, staging and follow-up programs for cancer patients. The student must know the main loco-regional tumor therapies involving imaging techniques. These objectives are achieved partly in formal teaching and partly in the direct vision of clinical cases.


The training will take place with frontal teaching lessons, on such occasions he will be stimulated to interact and discuss with the teachers.
The student will be stimulated to demonstrate his level of knowledge and understanding through direct questions during the hours of frontal lessons and through in itinere tests to verify the understanding of the main topics


1- Cancer epidemiology
• 2- Primary and secondary prevention, active screening programs and their characteristics
• 3- General concepts of staging, TNM
• 4- General concepts on the methods of global evaluation of the patient affected by cancer
• 5- General concepts of chemotherapy, polychemotherapy, mono-chemotherapy, neo-adjuvant, adjuvant, palliative chemotherapy.
• 6- Locoregional therapy techniques in malignant tumors
• 7- Criteria for evaluating the response to chemotherapy treatments.
• 8- Main side effects of chemotherapy drugs
• 9-General concepts of clinical experimentation, in vitro experimentation, in vivo, phase I, II, III, IV studies.
• 10- Geriatric Oncology

Thoraco-vascular surgery module:
• Chronic obliterative arteriopathies.
• Acute ischemia of the limbs.
• Mesenteric ischemia.
• Aneurysms.
• Arterial dissections.
• Cerebro-vascular insufficiency.
• Varices of the lower limbs.
• Deep vein thrombosis.
• Chronic venous insufficiency.
• Traumatology of the chest.
• Lung abscess.
• Pleural empyema.
• Pulmonary hydatidosis.
• Pneumothorax. Hemothorax.
• Pleural effusions.
• Benign and malignant lung tumors.
• Mediastinal neoformations.
• Tumors of the pleura.
Urology module:
• Main malformations of the genitourinary system
• Urinary calculosis and main treatment interventions
• Principles of radio urology
• Oncology of the kidney, bladder and prostate.

Teaching Methods

Frontal lessons with audiovisual support in Power points and movies. Practical exercises in relation to oncology (discussion of clinical-radiological documentation) at the AOU of Cagliari, department/day Hospital of medical oncology of the University Hospital, Presidio of Monserrato.The teacher-student communication will be supported by telematic means, including the interaction by email and the rendering available to students of the slides of lessons and videos

Verification of learning

Written test in the date established by the faculty didactic calendar

-An ongoing evaluation with written evidence by quiz with closed and multiple choice responses.

Exam Instructions
Registrations are made by telematic procedure (ESSE3).


Oncology, Urology, Toral-vascular surgery: Students will be able to use the slides of the lessons and other litterature of support provided by the teacher.
Urology: Collegio dei Professori Universitari di Prima Fascia in ruolo e fuori ruolo- Manuale di Urologia e Andrologia -Pacini Editore Medicina

More Information

The teacher at the request of the students is available to provide the slides of the lectures and further in-depth material.

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