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[40/42]  NURSING [42/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 5 40


General Psychology
The course aims to provide students with a theoretical and practical view of the main cognitive processes. At the end of the course the student will be able to:
- List and describe the main cognitive processes;
- Provide practical examples of each specific process;
- See and discover the scientific point of view;
- Communicate clearly what was learned;
- Integrate knowledge and attitudes to provide safe, effective and evidence-based nursing care;
- Use the theoretical and practical nursing knowledge with the biological, psychological, socio-cultural and humanistic sciences in order to understand individuals of all ages, groups and communities.

Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education.

The course aims to:
- understand and internalize the relationships that link theoretical knowledge with the practical nursing intervention in the detection and satisfaction of the needs of the assisted persons
- know how to use the scientific method Problem Solving in solving nursing problems and meeting needs, implementing the nursing process
- be able to detect basic care needs through careful observation through the use of the known operational tools and assessing any changes from the norm
- be able to describe the main alterations of the assisted person, compared to the functional models: nutritional / metabolic, elimination / urinary / intestinal, activity / exercise, self-care, protection and safety


Basic knowledge and mandatory preliminaries as indicated by guidelines.


General Psychology
This course focuses on the presentation of the main cognitive processes (sensation, perception, memory, learning, attention, motivation, emotions, communication). The course provides students the theoretical references, the knowledge of the scientific method, the possible applications in the sanitary context.

Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education.

The course illustrates the main processes of physical assessment and related interventions to be implemented to maintain or restore an adequate need for the function:
- cardio circulatory,
- respiratory,
- body temperature,
- supply.

Knowing and applying basic and advanced relational knowledge in the Career Relationship, behavioral styles and techniques applying the principles of nursing theory, counseling and helping relationship.
The course aims to sensitize the student to the improvement of his relational skills with particular attention to the management of a therapeutic help relationship.
At the end of the module the student will be able to:
-conduct a therapeutic interview with the assisted person and / or his family
-promotion in the assisted person and / or his family adaptation strategies to changes in the state of health: acute, chronic, oncological pathology.
-develop and adopt self-care strategies in assistance to the person and / or family
Therapeutic education
From information to education
Therapeutic education in cynical practice

Teaching Methods

General Psychology
Lectures and discussions.

Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education.
Lectures and discussions.

Verification of learning

General Psychology
Final written test.
An ongoing test is scheduled.
The assessment will be applied also considering the active participation in the class and the class attendance.

Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education.
The ongoing test will be a written test.
The final assessment will be based on the acquisition of data and knowledge of the processes, the knowledge of the disciplinary language, the ability to relate concepts and knowledge, the ability to expose.

Final mark of the integrated course (I.C.): an arithmetic average will be made of the votes agreed between the teachers on the tests carried out. The student will have an ongoing test (carried out according to the modality established by the teacher of reference) and if he/she wants to repeat the test, he/she can do it the day of the official test. The evaluation will be expressed in thirtieths for each individual teaching module. LAUDE can be expressed unanimously if the final mark is 30.
Any oral exams (if requested by the student) will be held in the official day of the final test, on the base of the Faculty didactic calendar, in the presence of all the members of the commission.
The recording of the final mark will be carried out on the ESSE3 platform.


General Psychology
Curatori: M. Bassi, A. Delle Fave, UTET Università, 2015, ISBN:9788860084347
Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education

Barbara K.Timby Fondamenti di Assistenza Infermieristica. Concetti e abilità cliniche di base – Ed. Mac Graw Hill 2011

Alessandra Beghelli,,Annamaria Ferraresi,,Monica Manfredini – Educazione terapeutica - Ed. Carocci Faber, 2015

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Luisa Saiani Anna Brugnoli.Trattato di cure infermieristiche Ed. Sorbona 2011

Fondamenti di assistenza infermieristica secondo Kozier ed Erb. Concetti, procedure e pratica. Audrey Berman,Shirlee J. Snyder,Geralyn Frandsen, Curatore: M. G. De Marinis, M. Piredda. Editore: Piccin-Nuova Libraria, 2017

More Information

General Psychology
Dr. Mirian Agus (coordinator of the integrated course).
During the lessons, slides will be used and space will be left for discussion on exemplary clinical cases.
Mail: mirian.agus@unica.it
In order to be received, an appointment must be arranged by mail

Clinical nursing, care relation and therapeutic education.
Dr. Ilenia Piras.
During the lessons slides will be used and space will be left for discussion on exemplary clinical cases.
Mail: ilenia_78it@yahoo.it
In order to be received, an appointment must be arranged by mail

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