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Lingua Insegnamento

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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[40/42]  NURSING [42/00 - Ord. 2016]  PERCORSO COMUNE 3 24


Providing students with basic language skills in English to allow them to communicate effectively with English-speaking people in health-care settings and understand medical research articles and essays published in international journals.


Lessons attendance


Providing students with intermediate language skills in English for medicine and nursing to allow them to use these skills in health-care professional contexts after university. Improving students’ lexical and grammar skills and their knowledge of English medical and nursing terminology through the comprehension of short texts on health and medical research articles and essays in English.

Teaching Methods

Lessons, practice exercises

Verification of learning

A mid-term written exam and a final oral exam in official exam sessions


- Lecturer’s slides
- Grice T., Meehan A. (2007), Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 1; Oxford University Press
- Edward Jordan- Patrizia Fiocchi , Casa Editrice: Trinità Whitebridge; Grammar Files

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Samantha Pinna (English): email: samanthapinna1984@gmail.com

Office hours (information on the course and exam dates)
Samantha Pinna - email: samanthapinna1984@gmail.com
By appointment.
Time and location will be set in advance via email.

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