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[40/39]  MEDICINE AND SURGERY [39/00 - Ord. 2015]  PERCORSO COMUNE 5 115


Students will learn the clinical method for the appropriate management of the most prevalent neurological diseases.
Students will know the basics of cortical organization, bioelectrical activity and will recognize the main EEG rhytms. Also, students will know the circadian regulation of the behavioural states of waking and sleeping and how they influence the physiological regulations


Anatomy and fisiology of CNS and PNS


Organization of the motor system, sensitive system, cranial nerves, pain and headache, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, motoneuron diseases, neuropathy, neurodegenerative diseases. Cerebrovascular disease. Inflammatory disease of SNC. Demielinisations disease. Epileptic sindromes.
Morphofunctional organization of the cerebral cortex. Primary sensory and association areas. Sensory motor integration. Basic principles of electroencephalography (EEG). Analysis of the main rhythms of electroencephalogram.
Behavioral states. The wake-sleep cycle. Physiological regulations during sleep. Role of the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus in the organization of the behavioral circadian rhythms.
Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology:
Anatomy of the central and periferal nervous system. Pathofisiology of the liquoral system, intracranial hypertension, syndrome Hydrocephalus Monitoring of endocranial pressure. SNC Malformations. Themanagement of head and spine injuries. Endocranial and spinaL neoformation: classification, istogenesis and topographic clasification. The management of spinal tumors. The management of cranial tumors. The management of vascular malformation. The degenerative disease of the Spine. Cerebrovascular arterial and venous system. Subarachnoid hemorrhage (causes and management). Midollar compression.
CT and MRI indications. General features of SNC surgical disease at CT and MRI.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, clinical case presentations, comments on sessions with discussion panels, hands-on sessions

Verification of learning

The final examination ( oral) evaluates the degree of understanding of the main learning targets of the course:
-knowledge of the clinical and diagnostic path of the main neurological disorders
-knowledge of the main treatment of neurological disorders in the light of the specific physiopathology
- knowledge of the principles of the neurophysiological lab.
The final vote of the Course is obtained by averaging the result of 3 questions on the main topics of the Course


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More Information

Institute of Neurology, AOU Cagliari, University Hospital, Monserrato (CA), Italy
e-mail: giovanni.defazio@unica.it.

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