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[40/39]  MEDICINE AND SURGERY [39/00 - Ord. 2015]  PERCORSO COMUNE 8 110


• To know more important methodologies applied to clinical chemistry and more relevant clinical chemistry changes induced by more common pathologies
• To know how to prescribe and read clinical chemistry test with special attention to markers of. liver, kidney, tumour, blood cells, haemostasis, diabetes.
• To know basic techniques and guidelines for identifying most common pathogen microorganisms.
• To know how to prescribe and read most common clinical microbiology test and antibiogram.


It is better to know biochemistry and microbiology


Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology
• Structure and organization of the medical laboratory.
• Types of test and their purposes, biological samples (blood, urine, stool, saliva, synovial fluid, liquor, sperm liquid) and their preservation.
• Quality Control in Clinical Pathology. Normative requirements. Italian Society of Clinical Pathology and Online Documentation.
• Interpretation of laboratory tests. Reference intervals, sensitivity, specificity, interfering factors, abnormal values.
• Inflammatory Biomarkers: VES, PCR, Electrophoresis Serum Protein.
• Biomarkers of Liver and bile ducts.
• Biomarkers of pancreas and intestinal function.
• Biomarkers of the cardiovascular system.
• Diagnosis and Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus.
• Biomarkers of Kidney.
• Urinalysis; other measurable parameters on urine sample (metals, abuse drugs, cathecholamine, etc.)
• Electrolyte analysis and acid-base balance (emogasanalysis).
• Biomarkers of neoplastic diseases.
• Biomarkers of erythropoiesis and anemia: hemochrome, blood smear, folic acid, Vit. B12.
• Biochemical tests for assessing iron metabolism (sideremia, transferrin, epcidine).
• Biomarkers emocoagulation and fibrinolysis
• Laboratory tests during Pregnancy.
• Laboratory tests in Geriatrics.
• Tests of hormones produced by thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gonads.
• Tests for autoimmune diseases.
• Wester Blot, ELISA, RIA, IFA, PCR.
• Molecular tests.
• Biomarkers in "-omics" sciences.

Clinical Microbiology

General information on microbiological diagnostics.

The pre-analytical phase of testing:
• Suitable/unsuitable samples, collection, transport and specimen handling for bacteriological, mycological, parasitological and virological diagnostics; correct request for laboratory tests.
The analytical phase of testing:
• Direct testing: microscopic examination, cultivation on solid or liquid media, identification and antibiogram; immunologic and molecular methods for identification of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
• Serological testing.
The post-analytical phase of testing.

A general overview of microbial disease diagnosis:
• Respiratory tract infections
• Urinary tract infections
• Genital Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (MST)
• Infections of the gastrointestinal tract
• Infections of the central nervous system and sense organs
• Infections of the skin and soft tissues
• Infections of bones, muscles and joints
• Infections of wounds and abscesses
• Bloodstream infections
• Zoonoses and arthropod-borne infections
• Infections of the fetus and infant
• Viral infections of childhood and adolescence
• Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis (A-E)
• Diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection
• Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI)

Teaching Methods

Lectures, clinical case presentations
Clinical Pathology lectures on moodle
Teaching materials provided to students (clinical microbiology)

Verification of learning

The final vote of the course is obtained by averaging the resualts of the questions on the main topics of the course


• Federici: ”Medicina di Laboratorio” Ed. Mcgraw-Hill; oppure
• Antonozzi e Gulletta, Medicina di Laboratorio , Ed. Piccin
• Prof. Atzori: lezioni su Moodle
• Cevenini. Microbiologia Clinica. Piccin
• Mims et al. Microbiologia Clinica. EMSI
• Sherris - Microbiologia Medica (parte Microbiologia Clinica). EMSI

More Information

• Prof. Aldo Manzin, Dipart. Scienze Biomediche, Policlinico Universitario Monserrato (tel.:070.5109.6350)
• Prof.Luigi Atzori, Dipart. Scienze Biomediche, via Porcell 4, 09124 Cagliari ( tel.0706758390)
• Prof. Valeria Ruggiero , Dipart. Scienze Mediche, Policlinico Universitario – Monserrato (CA)

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