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Course Curriculum CFU Length(h)
[40/39]  MEDICINE AND SURGERY [39/00 - Ord. 2015]  PERCORSO COMUNE 10 145


Urology: Base knowledge of therapeutic orientation of the main urologic pathologies, malformation, infection and oncology.

General Surgery I: Base knowledge for studies regarding diseases with pertinence to surgery


Attendance at lectures and traineeships


Urology modules:
• Urinary symptomatology
• The hematuria
• The malformation of the urinary tract
• The main pathologies of the scrotum
• The calculi of the urinary tract
• The infections of the urinary tract
• The urogenital TBC
• The trauma of the urogenital apparatus
• The tumors of the renal parenchyma
• The tumors of the excretory tract
• The benign prostatic hypertrophy
• The tumors of the prostatic parenchyma
• The tumors of the testis
• Male infertility and lack of erection
• The kidney transplantation

General Surgery I modules:
– Dieresis and tissue synthesis; the surgery
– Abdominal and multiple trauma
– The endocrine-metabolic response to trauma; the shock
– The surgical infections
– Wounds, bruises, ulcers, burns and chemical burns
– Pathologies of the thyroid and parathyroid
– The hernias
– Pathologies of the esophagus and diaphragm
– Pathologies of the stomach
– Pathologies of the small intestine and appendix
– Pathologies of the colon, rectum and anus
– The peritonitis
– The intestine obstructions
– The digestive bleedings
– Repercussions from pulmonary and respiratory abdominal pathology
– Pathologies of the liver and biliary tract
– Pathologies of the pancreas
– Surgical splenopatie
– Pathologies of the adrenal, multiple endocrine neoplasia

Teaching Methods

Interactive methods and techniques with the lecturer;
Dialogues urged by the lecturer;
References to normal and pathological conditions;
Combination of classroom teaching and interactive lectures by computer tools and various media (video- and overhead projections);
An appropriated period to acquire the information and to solve doubts and perplexities is foreseen during the lectures and at the end of the course;
Interactive methods and techniques of distance learning;
Lecturer-student interaction via e-mail.

Verification of learning

Organized written and oral examination during the periods foreseen in the faculty teaching calendar;
Qualitative evaluation of:
knowledge acquired,
knowledge of the field-specific language,
ability of correlation between concepts and knowledge acquired,
ability of presentation


The students may use the slides of the lectures and the regarding paper complements provided by the lecturer.

Francesco Porpiglia- Manuale di Urologia. Edizioni minerva medica
General Surgery I:

Dionigi: Chirurgia, Masson; Bellantone: Chirurgia Generale, Minerva Medica;
D'Amico: Chirurgia Generale, Piccin; Colombo-Paletto: Trattato di Chirurgia, Minerva Medica

More Information

Lecturer Contacts
De Lisa Antonello - Urology: clinica.urologicaca@gmail.com
Luigi Marongiu – General Surgery: lmarongiu@unica.it,
Pisano Giuseppe - General Surgery: gpisano@unica.it

Method of receiving students
Prof. Antonello De Lisa: by appointment organized via email clinica.urologica.ca@gmail.com at the Urological Clinic of the Hospital SS. Trinità, via Is Mirrionis 92, Cagliari, Tel 070-271984.
Prof. Luigi Marongiu: by appointment organized via email (see above) at the Policlinico of Monserrato

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