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[40/35]  SPORT AND EXERCISE SCIENCE [35/00 - Ord. 2019]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 36


students must demonstrate the ability to comprehend the topics of General Pedagogy that extend knowledge to social inclusion and specifically in the area of motor activity


Basic knowledge of pedagogy, proper use of the spoken and written Italian language.


The course aims to deepen both the historical-thematic aspect of pedagogy and the historical and thematic evolution of the pedagogy of sport, with particular attention and reflection on the logical and methodological structures of pedagogical science in different contexts and historical periods Social. Pedagogy as a hermeneutical and regulatory science will bring about that bond with Society and its dynamism, and the dense interdisciplinary and multidimensional bond. Criticism will be a focal point and the requirements of general pedagogy will be repeated in the pedagogy of sport, which in emphasizing the variability and dynamism of society will highlight the values of sport and that red thread that will bring about a careful reflection
On the subjective and objective factors present in the formation of the person. There will emerge both the complex socio-cultural conditions within which today it must be possible to understand the reality of the person with and without disabilities, by acquiring humanistic education of particular importance the educational professionalism expressed in the field of motor science.
Additionally, in order to provide pedagogical and vocational training in motor science, teaching aids in the thematic study of disabilities and specialties. Specifically, the lectures of the Special Pedagogy Module, integrated and interconnected with the General area, will address the core core of the discipline through both historical and theoretical-methodological analysis.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, exercises, videos, interactive discussion

Verification of learning

Oral and oral tests and / or written tests


M. Bacchis, victory is a game, Condaghes (2019)

Bebe Vio, Mi hanno regalato un sogno, Rizzoli
Catalano, Pacini, Il fango e l’orgoglio, Nutrimenti
Davide Ferrario, Scherma e schermo, Add incentro
Maria Montessori, La scoperta del bambino, Garzanti

More Information

classroom exercises
pedagogical research methodology applied to sport

Questionnaire and social

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