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Language skills assessment calendar

Language skills assessment calendar (paid service)

How to register

The LANGUAGE SKILLS ASSESSMENT service has been reactivated for the following LANGUAGES: ENGLISH (level B1 and B2) and FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN (level B1 and B2).

It takes place every two month in JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, JULY, SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER. Annual calendar below.  



MARCH  Register ACTIVE from 22/02/2021 to 28/02/2021 (deadline h. 12 p.m.) Via link to the personal email provided in the form

22/03/2021 h.9.00/10.30/11.00 a.m.


MAY  Register ATTIVO dal 22/4/2021 al 28/4/2021 (scadenza h.12.00) Via link to the personal email provided in the form

18/05/2021 h.9.00/10.30/11.00 a.m.


JULY  Register ATTIVO dal 21/6/2021 al 27/6/2021 (scadenza h.12.00) Via link to the personal email provided in the form

14/07/2021 h.9.00/10.30/11.00 a.m.


SEPTEMBER  Register ATTIVO dal 30/8/2021 al 3/9/2021 (scadenza h.12.00) Via link to the personal email provided in the form

21/09/2021 h.9.00/10.30/11.00 a.m.


NOVEMBER  Register ATTIVO dal 27/10/2021 al 2/11/2021 (scadenza h.12.00) Via link to the personal email provided in the form

23/11/2021 h.9.00/10.30/11.00 a.m.



- FULL REGISTRATION (effective registration for the language skills assessment test):

  • The full registration link*, timetable and payment method with full details will be sent later on to the email provided in the expression of interest.  


- LANGUAGE SKILLS ASSESSMENT TEST: The test will consist of a written test** and an online speaking test***.   

  • **The computer-based test on the Moodle platform (and WebEx for online supervision via webcam), which involves assessing lexical-grammatical, listening and reading comprehension skills, will last 30 minutes and will be limited to the achievement of the levels B1 and B2. The written test will be followed by an oral test via Skype or WebEx with a language expert.
  • ***The oral test will consist of a free conversation (topics: family, studies, free time, travel, etc.) of approximately 10-15 minutes, in which the expert will check fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The expert will evaluate the language proficiency and the results of the two tests (placement test and oral test), and will determine the final level achieved. Regardless of the level achieved, the University Language Centre will issue a badge (digital certificate) or a digitally signed certificate in the following weeks, attesting the level of proficiency required (or lower if the computer-based test or the oral test does not confirm the level). The relevant certification will not show the result for the four language skills.


Service fee

The students of the University of Cagliari can use the service at a reduced fee and external students at the standard fee:  

€ 30,00 (reduced fee) 

€ 48,80 (standard fee) 

Please note that the dates of the tests may vary depending on the number of students registered. Any changes to the above-mentioned dates will be announced on the website. For further information please send an email at amm.cla@unica.it

If you are a first- or second-year student in a bachelor’s degree or a single-cycle master’s degree, please always copy the project email  inglese.unicla@unica.it

If you fail the test, you will not be able to retake it during the next session: you will have to skip a session before re-registering.

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