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VGF peptides as novel biomarkers in Parkinson’s disease 1-Jan-2020 Cocco, C.; Corda, G.; Lisci, C.; Noli, B.; Carta, M.; Brancia, C.; Manca, E.; Masala, C.; Marrosu, F.; Solla, P.; Manconi, B.; Bongioanni, P.; Ferri, G. -L. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH -
COVID-19 in the mediterranean area: Epidemiology and main disease characteristics - A narrative review 1-Jan-2020 Costanzo, GIULIA ANNA MARIA LUIGIA; Firinu, Davide; Cordeddu, William; Messina, MARIA RITA; Argiolas, Giacomo; Raho, GIORGIO SALVATORE; Lillu, Mattia; Masala, Carla; DEL GIACCO, Stefano ACTA MEDICA MEDITERRANEA -
The Role of Lipid Composition in the Sensory Attributes and Acceptability of the Salted and Dried Mullet Roes (Bottarga): A Study in Human and Animal Models 1-Jan-2020 Rosa, Antonella; Isola, Raffaella; Nieddu, Mariella; Masala, Carla NUTRIENTS -
Global Study of Variability in Olfactory Sensitivity 1-Jan-2020 Oleszkiewicz, A; Alizadeh, R; Altundag, A; Chen, B; Corrai, A; Fanari, R; Farhadi, M; Gupta, N; Habel, R; Hudson, R; Hughes, Jl; Joshi, A; Kamrava, Sk; Luckett, C; Mahmut, Mk; Masala, C; Mori, E; Pellegrino, R; Piras, R; Resler, K; Rivas-Castro, A; Saluja, S; Sharma, S. BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE -
Waste salt from the manufacturing process of mullet bottarga as source of oil with nutritional and nutraceutical properties 1-Jan-2020 Rosa, Antonella; Nieddu, Mariella; Masala, Carla; Cesare Marincola, Flaminia; Porcedda, Silvia; Piras, Alessandra JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE -
Sex-related differences in olfactory function and evaluation of possible confounding factors among patients with Parkinson's disease 1-Jan-2020 Solla, P; Masala, C; Liscia, A; Piras, R; Ercoli, Tommaso; Fadda, L; Hummel, T; Haenher, A; Defazio, G. JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY -
Effect of olfactory and gustatory dysfunction and motor symptoms on body weight in patients with Parkinson’s disease 1-Jan-2020 Masala, Carla; Loy, Francesco; Piras, Raffaella; Liscia, Anna; Fadda, Laura; Moat, Alan; Solla, Paolo; Defazio, Giovanni BRAIN SCIENCES -
Evaluation of olfactory function as a potential biomarker in patients with Mastocytosis 1-Jan-2019 Deidda, Margherita; Masala, Carla; Piras, Raffaella; Firinu, Davide; Barca Maria, Pina; DEL GIACCO, Stefano ALLERGY WILEY
Odor identification performance in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease is associated with gender and the genetic variability of the olfactory binding protein 1-Jan-2019 Melis, M.; Sollai, G.; Masala, C.; Pisanu, C.; Cossu, G.; Melis, M.; Sarchioto, M.; Oppo, V.; Morelli, M.; Crnjar, R.; Hummel, T.; Barbarossa, I. CHEMICAL SENSES -
Masala C , Oleszkiewicz A, Benzien C, Cuevas M, Nahrath P, Hähner A, Hummel T 1-Jan-2019 Masala, C; Oleszkiewicz, A; Benzien, C; Cuevas, M; Nahrath, P; Hähner, A; Hummel, T - -
Modulatory effect of waste products and oil from mullet roes on the behavior and lipid profile of the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) 1-Jan-2019 Rosa, A.; Piras, A.; Carta, G.; Masala, C. - -
Olfaction and taste in Parkinson's disease: the association with mild cognitive impairment and the single cognitive domain dysfunction 1-Jan-2019 Cecchini, Mp; Federico, A; Zanini, A; Mantovani, E; Masala, C; Tinazzi, M; Tamburin, S JOURNAL OF NEURAL TRANSMISSION -
Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Waste Citrus Seeds: Chemical Composition, Nutritional and Biological Properties of Edible Fixed Oils 1-Jan-2019 Rosa, Antonella; Era, Benedetta; Masala, Carla; Nieddu, Mariella; Scano, Paola; Fais, Antonella; Porcedda, Silvia; Piras, Alessandra EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF LIPID SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY -
Parkinson’s disease and chemosensory function: the relation with mild cognitive impairment and the single cognitive domain dysfunction 1-Jan-2019 Paola Cecchini, Maria; Federico, Angela; Zanini, Alice; Mantovani, Elisa; Masala, Carla; Tinazzi, Michele; Tamburin, Stefano - -
Incidence of Parkinson’s disease in a large patient cohort with idiopathic smell and taste loss 1-Jan-2019 Haehner, A.; Masala, C.; Walter, S.; Reichmann, H.; Hummel, T. JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY -
Correlation between olfactory function, trigeminal sensitivity, and nasal anatomy in healthy subjects 1-Jan-2019 Masala, Carla; Käehling, C.; Fall, F.; Hummel, T. EUROPEAN ARCHIVES OF OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY -
An Italian population-based study of the prevalence of olfactory impairment 1-Jan-2019 Masala, C; Cavazzana, A; Aprea, E; Borgogno, M; Cantone, E; Ciofalo, A; Drago, S; Gasperi, F; Macchi, A; Menghi, L; Parma, V; Piochi, M; Piras, R; Pasquariello, B; Torri, L; Hummel, T CHEMICAL SENSES OXFORD UNIV PRESS
Influence of Citrus seeds and their fixed oils on the behavior of the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae). 1-Jan-2018 Rosa, A.; Piras, A.; Masala, C. - -
Bioactive extracts, obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction, from Citrus processing wastes 1-Jan-2018 Rosa, A.; Porcedda, S.; Falconieri, D.; Masala, C.; Piras, A. - -
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