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Moral disengagement, empathy, and cybervictim’s representation as predictive factors of cyberbullying among italian adolescents 2021 Mascia, Maria Lidia; Agus, Mirian; Zanetti, Maria Assunta; Pedditzi, Maria Luisa; Rollo, Dolores;... Lasio, Mirko; Penna, Maria Pietronilla INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Burnout and engagement dimensions in the reception system of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean Sea. A qualitative study on a sample of italian practitioners 2021 Nonnis, Marcello.; Agus, Mirian.; Pirrone Monica, Piera; Cuccu, Stefania.; Pedditzi, Maria Luisa;... Cortese Claudio, Giovanni INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Medical and surgical interventions to improve the quality of life for endometriosis patients: a systematic review 2021 D’Alterio, Maurizio Nicola; Saponara, Stefania; Agus, Mirian; Laganà, Antonio Simone; Noventa, Ma...rco; Loi, Emanuela Stochino; Feki, Anis; Angioni, Stefano GYNECOLOGICAL SURGERY
Teaching in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study on Teachers’ Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in an Italian Sample 2021 Cataudella, S.; Carta, S. M.; Mascia, M. L.; Masala, C.; Petretto, D. R.; Agus, M.; Penna, M. P. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
Measuring career adaptability in a sample of Italian university students: psychometric properties and relations with the age, gender, and STEM/no STEM courses 2021 Mondo, Marina; Barbieri, Barbara; De Simone, Silvia; Bonaiuto, Flavia; Usai, Luca; Agus, Mirian SOCIAL SCIENCES
Principal Component Analysis of the Social and Behavioral Rhythms Scale in elderly 2021 Cossu, Giulia; Agus, Mirian; Atzori, Laura; Aviles Gonzales, Cesar Ivan; Minerba, Luigi; Ferreli,... Caterina; Puxeddu, Roberto; Orru, Germano; Scano, Alessandra; Romano, Ferdinando; Pintus, Elisa; Petronilla Penna, Maria; Carta, Mauro JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH
Burnout syndrome in reception systems for illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean. A quantitative and qualitative study of Italian practitioners 2020 Nonnis, M.; Pirrone, M. P.; Cuccu, S.; Agus, M.; Pedditzi, M. L.; Cortese, C. G. SUSTAINABILITY
Cognitive Flexibility Inventory: Factor structure, invariance, reliability, convergent, and discriminant validity among Italian university students 2020 Portoghese, I.; Lasio, M.; Conti, R.; Mascia, M. L.; Hitchcott, P.; Agus, M.; Gemignani, A.; Penn...a, M. P. PSYCH JOURNAL
What’s about the Calibration between Confidence and Accuracy? Findings in Probabilistic Problems from Italy and Spain 2020 Agus, Mirian; Peró-Cebollero, Maribel; Guàrdia-Olmos, Joan; Portoghese, Igor; Mascia, Maria Lidia...; Penna, Maria Pietronilla EURASIA JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION
Emotional intelligence, self-regulation, smartphone addiction: which relationship with student well-being and quality of life? 2020 Mascia, M. L.; Agus, M.; Penna, M. P. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Validation of a substance craving questionnaire (SCQ) in Italian population 2019 Bonfiglio, Natale Salvatore; Renati, Roberta; Agus, Mirian; Penna, Maria Pietronilla ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS REPORTS
A comparison of probabilistic reasoning in psychology undergraduates in Italy and Spain: seeking cross-national evidence 2019 Agus, Mirian; PERO CEBOLLERO, MARIBEL; Guàrdia-Olmos, Joan; Pessa, Eliano; Figus, Rita; Penna, Maria EURASIA JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION
Differentiation of Self and Dyadic Adjustment in Couple Relationships:A dyadic analysis using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model 2019 Lampis, Jessica; Cataudella, Stefania; Agus, Mirian; Busonera, Alessandra; Skowron, Elizabeth E. FAMILY PROCESS
A Pilot Study of the Relationship Between Pregnancy and Autoimmune Disease: Exploring the Mother’s Psychological Process 2019 CATAUDELLA, STEFANIA; LAMPIS, JESSICA; AGUS, MIRIAN; CASULA, FABIANA; Monni, Giovanni FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Cross-Cultural Validity of Bowen Theory in Southern European Countries 2019 Lampis, Jessica; Rodrıguez-Gonzalez, Martino; Cataudella, Stefania; Paula Relvas, Ana; Neophytou,... Kleanthis; Agus, Mirian THE AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF FAMILY THERAPY
Differentiation of self and the decision to seek systemic psychotherapy: a comparison between a help-seeking and a normative sample 2019 Lampis, J.; Cataudella, S.; Agus, M.; Carta, S.; Rodríguez-González, M.; Lasio, D.; Serri, F.; Ga...lluzzo, W. COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY QUARTERLY
The probabilistic reasoning in 'real-world' context: some reflections about the judgement in medical problem solving 2018 Agus, M.; Hitchcott, P. K.; Peró-Cebollero, M. Maribel; Guàrdia-Olmos, J.; Penna, M. P. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Love attitudes scale-short form: The preliminary assessment of the factor structure of its Italian version 2018 Agus, Mirian; Puddu, Luisa; Gonnelli, Claudia; Raffagnino, Rosalba BOLLETTINO DI PSICOLOGIA APPLICATA
Emotional and psychological aspects in long term hospitalized women 2018 Costa, M; Melis, I; Corvetto, E; Giuliani, Carlotta; Agus, M; Angioni, S JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE
Development and validation of a measure of work-family interface 2018 DE SIMONE, Silvia; Agus, Mirian; Lasio, Diego; Serri, Francesco REVISTA DE PSICOLOGÍA DEL TRABAJO Y DE LAS ORGANIZACIONES

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