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Effects of chitosan and erythritol on labellar taste neuron activity, proboscis extension reflex, daily food intake, and mortality of male and female spotted-winged drosophila, Drosophila suzukii 2021 Pinero, J. C.; Stoffolano, J. G.; Chiu, K.; Colletti, K.; Dixon, Z.; Salemme, V.; Crnjar, R.; Sol...lai, G. JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
Olfactory Function in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Is Associated with Their Body Mass Index and Polymorphism in the Odor Binding Protein (OBPIIa) Gene 2021 Sollai, Giorgia; Melis, Melania; Mastinu, Mariano; Paduano, Danilo; Chicco, Fabio; Magri', Salvat...ore; Usai, Paolo; Hummel, Thomas; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo NUTRIENTS
Age-Related Olfactory Decline Is Associated With Levels of Exercise and Non-exercise Physical Activities 2021 Sollai, G.; Crnjar, R. FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE
Differences in salivary proteins as a function of prop taster status and gender in normal weight and obese subjects 2021 Melis, Melania; Mastinu, Mariano; Pintus, Stefano; Cabras, Tiziana; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo; Toma...ssini Barbarossa, Iole MOLECULES
Effect of the rs2890498 polymorphism of the OBPIIa gene on the human ability to smell single molecules 2021 Melis, M.; Tomassini Barbarossa, I.; Hummel, T.; Crnjar, R.; Sollai, G. BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH
A method for selective stimulation of leg chemoreceptors in whole crustaceans 2021 Solari, Paolo; Sollai, Giorgia; Palmas, Francesco; Sabatini, Andrea; Crnjar, Roberto JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY
Chemosensitivity in the Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) to Food-Related Compounds: An Innovative Behavioral Bioassay 2021 Solari, Paolo; Pasquini, Viviana; Secci, Marco; Giglioli, Ambra Angelica; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo...; Addis, Pierantonio FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Electrophysiological Responses from the Human Tongue to the Six Taste Qualities and Their Relationships with PROP Taster Status 2020 Melis, M.; Sollai, G.; Mastinu, M.; Pani, D.; Cosseddu, P.; Bonfiglio, A.; Crnjar, R.; Tepper, B.... J.; Barbarossa, I. T. NUTRIENTS
Association between human olfactory performance and ability to detect single compounds in complex chemical mixtures 2020 Sollai, Giorgia; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole; Usai, Paolo; Hummel, Thomas; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
Differences in the olfactory sensitivity of Ceratitis capitata to headspace of some host plants in relation to sex, mating condition and population 2020 Sollai, Giorgia; Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo DIVERSITY
Association between olfactory sensitivity and behavioral responses of Drosophila suzukii to naturally occurring volatile compounds 2020 Corda, Giulia; Solari, Paolo; Antonietta Dettori, Maria; Fabbri, Davide; Delogu, Giovanna; Crnjar..., Roberto Massimo; Sollai, Giorgia ARCHIVES OF INSECT BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY
Taste Changes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Associations with PROP Phenotypes and polymorphisms in the salivary protein, Gustin and CD36 Receptor Genes 2020 Melis, M.; Mastinu, M.; Sollai, G.; Paduano, D.; Chicco, F.; Magri, S.; Usai, P.; Crnjar, R.; Tep...per, B. J.; Tomassini Barbarossa, I. NUTRIENTS
Structural and transcriptional evidence of mechanotransduction in the Drosophila suzukii ovipositor 2020 Maria Crava, Cristina; Zanini, Damiano; Amati, Simone; Sollai, Giorgia; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo; ...Paoli, Marco; Valerio Rossi-Stacconi, Marco; Rota-Stabelli, Omar; Tait, Gabriella; Haase, Albrecht; Romani, Roberto; Anfora, Gianfranco JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
The contribution of gustatory input to larval acceptance and female oviposition choice of potential host plants in Papilio hospiton (Géné) 2019 Sollai, Giorgia; Crnjar, Roberto ARCHIVES OF INSECT BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY
Human tongue electrophysiological response to oleic acid and its associations with PROP taster status and the CD36 polymorphism (rs1761667) 2019 Sollai, Giorgia; Melis, Melania; Mastinu, Mariano; Pani, Danilo; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Anna...lisa; Crnjar, Roberto; Tepper, Beverly J.; Barbarossa, Iole Tomassini NUTRIENTS
TAS2R38 bitter taste receptor and attainment of exceptional longevity 2019 Melis, M.; Errigo, A.; Crnjar, R.; Pes, G. M.; Tomassini Barbarossa, I. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
The success in the short-distance communication for mating does not depend on chemical signals in the crustacean decapod Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) 2019 Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, Roberto; Sabatini, Andrea; Palmas, Francesco; Frau, Giacomo; Podda, Cinzia...; Sollai, Giorgia; Peddio, Stefania ADVANCES IN OCEANOGRAPHY AND LIMNOLOGY
Odor identification performance in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease is associated with gender and the genetic variability of the olfactory binding protein 2019 Melis, M.; Sollai, G.; Masala, C.; Pisanu, C.; Cossu, G.; Melis, M.; Sarchioto, M.; Oppo, V.; Mor...elli, M.; Crnjar, R.; Hummel, T.; Barbarossa, I. CHEMICAL SENSES
Association between the rs2590498 polymorphism of Odorant Binding Protein (OBPIIa) gene and olfactory performance in healthy subjects 2019 Sollai, Giorgia; Melis, Melania; Magri', Salvatore; Usai, Paolo; Thomas, Hummel; TOMASSINI BARBAR...OSSA, Iole; Crnjar, ROBERTO MASSIMO BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH
A novel objective method for human gustatory sensitivity assessment 2018 Pani, D.; Martis, Alice Evelina; Sulas, E.; Cosseddu, P.; Usai, I.; Moi, Veronica; Melis, M.; Sol...lai, G.; Crnjar, R.; Tomassini Barbarossa, I.; Bonfiglio, A. Patron
Development of PVC Dispensers for Long-Lasting Release of Attractants for the Control of Invasive Crayfish Populations 2018 Solari, Paolo; Peddio, Stefania; Sollai, Giorgia; Masala, Carla; Podda, Cinzia; Frau, Giacomo; Pa...lmas, Francesco; Sabatini, Andrea; Crnjar, Roberto DIVERSITY
Olfactory sensitivity to major, intermediate and trace components of sex pheromone in Ceratitis capitata is related to mating and circadian rhythm 2018 Sollai, Giorgia; Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, ROBERTO MASSIMO JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
Effect of chemical interaction between oleic acid and L-Arginine on oral perception, as a function of polymorphisms of CD36 and OBPIIa and genetic ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil 2018 Melis, Melania; Mastinu, Mariano; Arca, Massimiliano; Crnjar, Roberto; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole PLOS ONE
Evaluation of the attractant effect and lipid profile modulation of natural fixed oils on the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) 2018 Rosa, A.; Piras, A.; Carta, G.; Solari, P.; Crnjar, R.; Masala, C. ARCHIVES OF INSECT BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY
Taste sensitivity and divergence in host plant acceptance between adult females and larvae of Papilio hospiton 2018 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Crnjar, Roberto INSECT SCIENCE
Taste receptor plasticity in relation to feeding history in two congeneric species of Papilionidae (Lepidoptera) 2018 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Crnjar, Roberto JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
Octopamine modulates the activity of motoneurons related to calling behavior in the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar 2018 Solari, Paolo; Sollai, Giorgia; Masala, Carla; Maccioni, Riccardo; Crnjar, ROBERTO MASSIMO; Lisci...a, ANNA MARIA INSECT SCIENCE
Behavioral response to different fixed oils obtained by supercritical fluid extraction in the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) 2017 Rosa, Antonella; Piras, Alessandra; Carta, Gianfranca; Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, ROBERTO MASSIMO; Ma...sala, Carla
OBJECTIVE EVALUATION OF THE GUSTATORY SENSITIVENESS OF PATIENTS BY THE ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL RECORDING OF THE RESPONSE OF BUD CELLS TO TASTE STIMULI. 2017 Melis, Melania; Sollai, Giorgia; Pani, Danilo; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; Crnjar, Robe...rto; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole
Chemosensory basis for feeding acceptance of different host plants in the larvae of the Corsican swallowtail Papilio hospiton. 2017 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Solari, Paolo; Iole Tomassini Barbarossa, ; Crnjar, Roberto CHEMICAL SENSES
Electrophysiological recordings from the tongue for the objective evaluation of individual variations of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) sensitivity 2017 Melis, Melania; Sollai, Giorgia; Pani, Danilo; Cosseddu, Piero; Crnjar, Roberto; Bonfiglio, Annal...isa; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole CHEMICAL SENSES
DEVICE, SYSTEM AND RELATING METHOD FOR THE QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT OF TASTE SENSITIVITY 2017 Tomassini Barbarossa, I.; Crnjar, R. M.; Sollai, G.; Melis, M.; Pani, D.; Cosseddu, P.; Bonfiglio, A
Chemosensory basis of larval performance of Papilio hospiton on different host plants 2017 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, Roberto JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
An automated system for the objective evaluation of human gustatory sensitivity using tongue biopotential recordings 2017 Pani, D; Usai, I; Cosseddu, P; Melis, M; Sollai, G; Crnjar, R; Tomassini Barbarossa, I; Raffo, L;... Bonfiglio, A PLOS ONE
Sensory perception of and salivary protein response to astringency as a function of the 6-n-propylthioural (PROP) bitter-taste phenotype 2017 Melis, Melania; Yousaf, Neeta Y; Mattes, Mitchell Z; Cabras, Tiziana; Messana, Irene; Crnjar, Rob...erto; Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole; Tepper, Beverly J PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
First objective evaluation of taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP), a paradigm gustatory stimulus in humans 2017 Sollai, Giorgia; Melis, Melania; Pani, Danilo; Cosseddu, Piero; Usai, Ilenia; Crnjar, ROBERTO MAS...SIMO; Bonfiglio, Annalisa; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA, Iole SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Fat storage in Drosophila suzukii is influenced by different dietary sugars in relation to their palatability 2017 Biolchini, Maurizio; Murru, Elisabetta; Anfora, Gianfranco; Loy, Francesco; Banni, Sebastiano; Cr...njar, ROBERTO MASSIMO; Sollai, Giorgia PLOS ONE
Antennular morphology and contribution of Aesthetascs in the detection of food-related compounds in the Shrimp Palaemon adspersus Rathke, 1837 (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) 2017 Solari, Paolo; Sollai, Giorgia; Masala, Carla; Loy, Francesco; Palmas, Francesco; Sabatini, Andre...a; Crnjar, Roberto THE BIOLOGICAL BULLETIN
Taste input from tarsal sensilla is related to egg-laying behavior in Papilio hospiton 2017 Sollai, G; Biolchini, M; Loy, F; Solari, P; Crnjar, R. ENTOMOLOGIA EXPERIMENTALIS ET APPLICATA
Dispositivo, sistema e relativo metodo per la valutazione quantitativa della sensibilità gustativa 2016 Tomassini Barbarossa, Iole; Crnjar, Roberto Massimo; Sollai, Giorgia; Melis, Melania; Pani, Danil...o; Cosseddu, Piero; Bonfiglio, Annalisa
Morphological and electrophysiological analysis of tarsal sensilla in the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann, 1824) (Diptera: Tephritidae). 2016 Loy, F; Solari, P; Isola, M; Crnjar, R; Masala, C THE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY
Morphological characterization of the antennal lobes in the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata 2016 Solari, Paolo; Corda, Valentina; Sollai, Giorgia; Kreissl, Sabine; Galizia, C Giovanni; Crnjar, R...oberto JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. A, NEUROETHOLOGY, SENSORY, NEURAL, AND BEHAVIORAL PHYSIOLOGY
PROP bitter taste-induced brain activation-deactivation in gustatory signal processing: a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study 2015 Tomassini Barbarossa I; Melis M; Crnjar R M; Fraschini M; Bitti G; Siotto P; Porcu S; Puligheddu ...M; Demuru M; Saba L; Barberini L; Marrosu F CHEMICAL SENSES
Effect of oral supplementation of L-Arginine at increasing concentrations on PROP bitter taste responsiveness 2015 Melis M; Crnjar R; Tomassini Barbarossa I CHEMICAL SENSES
Chemosensory basis for feeding acceptance of two host plants in the larvae of Papilio hospiton 2015 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Solari, Paolo; Crnjar, Roberto
Taste sensitivity of larval styloconic sensilla mediates the discriminating capability between different bitter compounds in two Papilionid species 2015 Sollai G; Tomassini Barbarossa I; Masala C; Solari P; Crnjar R CHEMICAL SENSES
Morpho-functional study of the ovipositor sensilla in Drosophila suzukii 2015 Sollai, Giorgia; Biolchini, Maurizio; Romani, Roberto; Rossi, Valerio; Crnjar, Roberto; Anfora, G...ianfranco
Dose-dependent effects of L-Arginine on PROP bitterness intensity and latency and characteristics of the chemical interaction between PROP and L-Arginine 2015 Melis M; Arca M; Aragoni M C; Cabras T; Caltagirone C; Castagnola M; Crnjar R; Messana I; Tepper... B J; Tomassini Barbarossa I PLOS ONE
The gustin (CA6) gene polymorphism, rs2274333 (A/G), is associated with fungiform papilla density, whereas PROP bitterness is mostly due to TAS2R38 in an ethnically-mixed population 2015 Tomassini Barbarossa, I; Melis, M; Mattes, MZ; Calò, C; Muroni, P; Crnjar, R; Tepper, BJ PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
Taste discriminating capability to different bitter compounds by the larval styloconic sensilla in the insect herbivore Papilio hospiton (Géné) 2015 Sollai G; Tomassini Barbarossa I; Solari P; Crnjar R JOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY

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