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Influence of the Spark Plasma Sintering temperature on the structure and dielectric properties of BaTi(1-x)ZrxO3 ceramics 2021 Ezealigo, B. N.; Orru', R.; Elissalde, C.; Debeda, H.; Chung, U. C.; Maglione, M.; Cao, G. CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Ultra high temperature high-entropy borides: Effect of graphite addition on oxides removal and densification behaviour 2021 Barbarossa, S.; Orrù, Roberto.; Garroni, S.; Licheri, R.; Cao, G. CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Fabrication and Characterization of Quinary High Entropy-Ultra-High Temperature Diborides” Ceramics 2021 Barbarossa, S.; Orru', R.; Cannillo, V.; Iacomini, A.; Garroni, S.; Murgia, M.; Cao, G. CERAMICS
Thymosin beta-4 prenatal administration improves fetal development and halts side effects due to preterm delivery 2021 Faa, G.; Piras, M.; Mancuso, L.; Coni, P.; Pichiri, G.; Orrù, G.; Fanni, D.; Gerosa, C.; Cao, G.;... Taibi, R.; Pavone, P.; Castagnola, M. EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Mechanochemical Treatment of Soils Contaminated by Heavy Metals in Attritor and Impact Mills: Experiments and Modeling 2021 Concas, Alessandro; Montinaro, Selena; Pisu, Massimo; Lai, Nicola; Cao, Giacomo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Suitability of the thawed algae for transmission electron microscopy study: Ultrastructural investigation on Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 2021 Isola, Michela; Soru, Santina; Loy, Francesco; Malavasi, Veronica; Isola, Raffaella; Cao, Giacomo MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
Metabolomics and lipid profile analysis of Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 2021 Fais, G.; Malavasi, V.; Scano, P.; Soru, S.; Caboni, P.; Cao, G. EXTREMOPHILES
Antenatal Thymosin β4: a New Tool for Accelerating Fetal Development in Preterms? Thymosin Beta-4: a Breakthrough in the "Physiological" Regenerative Medicine in Preterm Newborns 2021 Castagnola, Massimo; Cao, Giacomo; Kalcev, Goce; Orru, Germano; Fanos, Vassilios; Faa, Gavino; Ca...rta, Mauro BIOINTERFACE RESEARCH IN APPLIED CHEMISTRY
Experimental and theoretical investigation of the effects of iron on growth and lipid synthesis of microalgae in view of their use to produce biofuels 2021 Concas, A.; Steriti, A.; Pisu, M.; Cao, G. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Hydroxyapatite/bioactive glass functionally graded materials (FGM) for bone tissue engineering 2020 Luginina, M.; Angioni, D.; Montinaro, S.; Orrù, Roberto; Cao, G.; Sergi, R.; Bellucci, D.; Cannil...lo, V. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
First successful stabilization of consolidated amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) by cold sintering: toward highly-resorbable reactive bioceramics 2020 Luginina, M.; Orru, R.; Cao, G.; Grossin, D.; Brouillet, F.; Chevallier, G.; Thouron, C.; Drouet, C. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. B
High-entropy transition metal diborides by reactive and non-reactive spark plasma sintering: a comparative investigation 2020 Tallarita, G.; Licheri, R.; Garroni, S.; Barbarossa, S.; Orru, R.; Cao, G. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
Electrospun PCL/PGS composite fibers incorporating bioactive glass particles for soft tissue engineering applications 2020 Luginina, M.; Schuhladen, K.; Orru, R.; Cao, G.; Boccaccini, A. R.; Liverani, L. NANOMATERIALS
Annealing effects on the structural and optical properties of undoped and Zr-doped Ba titanate prepared by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis 2020 Ezealigo, B C; Orru, R; Torre, F; Ricci, P C; Delogu, F; Cao, G CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Modeling of Electric Current Assisted Sintering: An extended fluid-like approach for the description of powders rheological behavior 2020 Locci, A.; Orru, R.; Cao, G. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN
Experiments and modeling of mine soil inertization through mechano-chemical processing: from bench to pilot scale using attritor and impact mills 2020 Concas, A.; Montinaro, S.; Pisu, M.; Lai, N.; Cao, G. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Mechanochemical immobilization of heavy metals in contaminated soils: A novel mathematical modeling of experimental outcomes 2020 Concas, A.; Pisu, M.; Cao, G. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Ultra-high temperature ceramics by spark plasma sintering 2019 Orru', Roberto; Cao, Giacomo Elsevier
Novel processing route for the fabrication of bulk high-entropy metal diborides 2019 Tallarita, Giovanna; Licheri, Roberta; Garroni, Sebastiano; Orrù, Roberto; Cao, Giacomo SCRIPTA MATERIALIA
Ultra-high temperature porous graded ceramics for solar energy applications 2019 Licheri, R.; Musa, C.; Locci, A. M.; Montinaro, S.; Orrù, R.; Cao, G.; Silvestroni, L.; Sciti, D....; Azzali, N.; Mercatelli, L.; Sani, E. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
Spark plasma sintered CaO-rich bioglass-derived glass-ceramics with different crystallinity ratios: A detailed investigation of their behaviour during biological tests in SBF 2019 Montinaro, S.; Luginina, M.; Garroni, S.; Orrù, R.; Delogu, F.; Bellucci, D.; Cannillo, Valeria; ...Cao, G. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
Behavior of the extremophile green alga Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 in terms of lipids production and morphology at different pH values 2019 Soru, Santina; Malavasi, Veronica; Caboni, Pierluigi; Concas, Alessandro; Cao, Giacomo EXTREMOPHILES
A novel investigation of the growth and lipid production of the extremophile microalga Coccomyxa melkonianii SCCA 048 under the effect of different cultivation conditions: Experiments and modeling 2019 Soru, Santina; Malavasi, Veronica; Concas, Alessandro; Caboni, Pierluigi; Cao, Giacomo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
On the feasibility of Pseudochloris wilhelmii cultivation in sea-wastewater mixtures: Modeling and experiments 2019 Concas, A.; Lutzu, G. A.; Pisu, M.; Cao, G. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Optical characterization of hafnium boride and hafnium carbide-based ceramics for solar energy receivers 2018 Musa, C.; Licheri, R.; Orrù, R.; Cao, G.; Balbo, A.; Zanotto, F.; Mercatelli, L.; Sani, E. SOLAR ENERGY
A comprehensive study on compositional and structural changes in 45S5 bioglass products exposed to simulated body fluid 2018 Montinaro, S; Desogus, L.; Orrù, R.; Garroni, S.; Delogu, F.; Ricci, P. C.; Cao, G. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
Fabrication of Cu-graphite metal matrix composites by ball milling and spark plasma sintering 2018 Lasio, Barbara; Torre, Francesco; Orru', Roberto; Cao, Giacomo; Cabibbo, Marcello; Delogu, Francesco MATERIALS LETTERS
Bioglass and bioceramic composites processed by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS): biological evaluation Versus SBF test 2018 Bellucci, D.; Salvatori, R.; Cannio, M.; Luginina, M.; Orrù, R.; Montinaro, S.; Anesi, A.;, L.; Cao, G.; Cannillo, V. BIOMEDICAL GLASSES
In-vitro behavior of different fully dense calcium phosphate materials fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering 2017 Mancuso, Luisa; Desogus, Luca; Orrù, Roberto; Loy, Francesco; Cao, Giacomo CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Innovative hydroxyapatite/bioactive glass composites processed by spark plasma sintering for bone tissue repair 2017 Bellucci, D; Desogus, L; Montinaro, S; Orrù, R; Cao, G; Cannillo, V JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY
Titanium diboride ceramics for solar thermal absorbers 2017 Sani, E; Meucci, M; Mercatelli, L; Balbo, A; Musa, C; Licheri, R; Orrù, R; Cao, G SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS
Tantalum carbide products from chemically-activated combustion synthesis reactions 2017 Musa, Clara; Licheri, Roberta; Montinaro, Selena; Orru', Roberto; Cao, Giacomo CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Deep genomic analysis of the Chlorella sorokiniana SAG 211-8k chloroplast 2017 Malavasi, V; Costelli, C; Orsini, M; Cusano, R; Angius, A; Cao, G EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY
Experiments and modeling of the growth of C. sorokiniana in lab batch and BIOCOIL photobioreactors for lipid production 2017 Concas, A; Malavasi, V; Pisu, M; Soru, S; Cao, G CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
GC-MS metabolomics analysis of mesenchymal stem cells treated with copper oxide nanoparticles 2016 Murgia, Antonio; Mancuso, Luisa; Manis, Cristina; Caboni, Pierluigi; Cao, Giacomo TOXICOLOGY MECHANISMS AND METHODS
Optical properties of dense zirconium and tantalum diborides for solar thermal absorbers 2016 Sani E; Mercatelli L; Meucci M; Balbo A; Musa C; Licheri R; Orrù R; Cao G RENEWABLE ENERGY
Bulk monolithic zirconium and tantalum diborides by reactive and non-reactive spark plasma sintering 2016 Licheri, Roberta; Musa, Clara; Orru', Roberto; Cao, Giacomo; Sciti, D; Silvestroni, L. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS
On the fabrication of functional graded 3Y-PSZ/316L materials by SPS: Process optimization and characterization of the obtained products 2016 Jajarmi, E; Desogus, L; Orrù, R; Sajjadi, SA; Cao, G CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Autotrophic growth and lipid production of Chlorella sorokiniana in lab batch and BIOCOIL photobioreactors: Experiments and modeling 2016 Concas, Alessandro; Malavasi, Veronica; Costelli, Cristina; Fadda, Paolo; Pisu, Massimo; Cao, Gia...como BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
A novel mathematical model to simulate the size-structured growth of microalgae strains dividing by multiple fission 2016 Concas, Alessandro; Pisu, Massimo; Cao, Giacomo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Complete sequence and characterization of mitochondrial and chloroplast genome of Chlorella variabilis NC64A 2016 Orsini, Massimiliano; Costelli, Cristina; Malavasi, Veronica; Cusano, Roberto; Concas, Alessandro...; Angius, Andrea; Cao, Giacomo MITOCHONDRIAL DNA
Processing, mechanical and optical properties of additive-free ZrC ceramics prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering 2016 Musa, Clara; Licheri, Roberta; Orru', Roberto; Cao, Giacomo; Sciti, Diletta; Silvestroni, Laura; ...Zoli, Luca; Balbo, Andrea; Mercatelli, Luca; Meucci, Marco; Sani, Elisa MATERIALS
Complete genome sequence of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of Chlorella sorokiniana 2016 Orsini, M; Costelli, C; Malavasi, Veronica; Cusano, R; Concas, A; Angius, A; Cao, Giacomo MITOCHONDRIAL DNA. PART A. DNA MAPPING, SEQUENCING, AND ANALYSIS
Complete genome sequence of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) of Chlorella sorokiniana 2016 Orsini, M; Cusano, R; Costelli, C; Malavasi, Veronica; Concas, A; Angius, A; Cao, Giacomo MITOCHONDRIAL DNA. PART A. DNA MAPPING, SEQUENCING, AND ANALYSIS
Optimization of the spark plasma sintering conditions for the consolidation of hydroxyapatite powders and characterization of the obtained products 2015 Cuccu A; Montinaro S; Desogus L; Orrù R; Cao G CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Batch growth kinetics of Nannochloris eucaryotum and its cultivation in semi-batch photobioreactors under 100 %v/v CO2: Experimental and modeling analysis 2015 Lutzu, Giovanni Antonio; Concas, Alessandro; Cao, Giacomo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
Microalgal cell disruption through Fenton reaction: Experiments, modeling and remarks on its effect on the extracted lipids composition 2015 Concas, Alessandro; Pisu, Massimo; Cao, Giacomo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS
The Sardinian Culture Collection of Algae (SCCA): Ex situ conservation of biodiversity and future technological applications 2015 Malavasi, Veronica; Cao, Giacomo NOVA HEDWIGIA
Development of a gelatin-based polyurethane vascular graft by spray, phase-inversion technology 2015 Losi, Paola; Mancuso, Luisa; Al Kayal, Tamer; Celi, Simona; Briganti, Enrica; Gualerzi, Alice; Vo...lpi, Silvia; Cao, Giacomo; Soldani, Giorgio BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS
Classical Bioglass®and innovative CaO-rich bioglass powders processed by Spark Plasma Sintering: a comparative study 2015 Desogus L; Cuccu, A; Montinaro S; Orrù R; Cao G; Bellucci D; Sola A; Cannillo V JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY

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