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After the emergence of the Acheulean at Melka Kunture (Upper Awash, Ethiopia): From Gombore IB (1.6 Ma) to Gombore Iγ (1.4 Ma), Gombore Iδ (1.3 Ma) and Gombore II OAM Test Pit C (1.2 Ma) Being printed Mussi, Margherita; Altamura, Flavio; Di Bianco, Luca; Bonnefille, Raymonde; Gaudzinski-Windheuser..., Sabine; Geraadse, Denis; Melis, Rita T.; Panera, Joaquin; Piarulli, Flavia; Pioli, Laura; Ruta, Giancarlo; Sánchez-Dehesa Galán, Sol; Méndez-Quintas, Eduardo QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL
Formation and Dispersal of Ash at Open Conduit Basaltic Volcanoes: Lessons From Etna 2021 Edwards, Matthew J.; Eychenne, Julia; Pioli, Laura FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE
Magma fragmentation and particle size distributions in low intensity mafic explosions: the July/August 2015 Piton de la Fournaise eruption 2020 Edwards, Matthew J.; Pioli, Laura; Harris, Andrew J. L.; Gurioli, Lucia; Thivet, Simon SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
A Data Driven Approach to Investigate the Chemical Variability of Clinopyroxenes From the 2014–2015 Holuhraun–Bárdarbunga Eruption (Iceland) 2020 Caricchi, L.; Petrelli, M.; Bali, E.; Sheldrake, T.; Pioli, L.; Simpson, G. FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE
Gas rising through a large diameter column of very viscous liquid: flow patterns and their dynamic characteristics 2019 Hasan, Abbas H.; Mohammed, Shara K; Pioli, Laura; Hewakandamby, Buddhika N.; Azzopardi, Barry J. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW
Subplinian monogenetic basaltic eruption of Sunset Crater, Arizona, USA 2019 Alfano, Fabrizio; Ort, Michael H.; Pioli, Laura; Self, Stephen; Hanson, Sarah L.; Roggensack, Kur...t; Allison, Chelsea M.; Amos, Robert; Clarke, Amanda B. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN
Reliability of total Grain-size Distribution of tephra Deposits 2019 Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C.; Pistolesi, M. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Real-Time Geophysical Monitoring of Particle Size Distribution During Volcanic Explosions at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) 2019 Pioli, Laura; Harris, Andrew J. L. FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE
Magma and tephra characteristics for the 17–25 May 2016 Mt Etna eruption 2019 Edwards, M. J.; Pioli, L. DATA IN BRIEF
Shallow factors controlling the explosivity of basaltic magmas: The 17–25 May 2016 eruption of Etna Volcano (Italy) 2018 Edwards, Matthew John; Pioli, Laura; Andronico, Daniele; Scollo, Simona; Ferrari, Ferruccio; Cris...taldi, Antonio JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
Fragmentation efficiency of low viscosity magmas: Which mechanisms control ash formation? 2017 Pioli, Laura; Harris, Andrew; Edwards, Matthew
Outgassing and eruption of basaltic magmas: The effect of conduit geometry 2017 Pioli, L.; Azzopardi, B. J.; Bonadonna, C.; Brunet, M.; Kurokawa, A. K. GEOLOGY
Corrigendum to “Assessing tephra total grain-size distribution: Insights from field data analysis” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 443 (2016) 90–107] (S0012821X16300577)(10.1016/j.epsl.2016.02.040) 2017 Costa, A.; Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS
Ash aggregation during the 11 February 2010 partial dome collapse of the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat 2017 Burns, F. A.; Bonadonna, C.; Pioli, L.; Cole, P. D.; Stinton, A. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
Assessing tephra total grain-size distribution: Insights from field data analysis 2016 Costa, A.; Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS
Quantifying unsteadiness and dynamics of pulsatory volcanic activity 2016 Dominguez, L.; Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C.; Connor, C. B.; Andronico, D.; Harris, A. J. L.; Ripepe, M. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS
MeMoVolc report on classification and dynamics of volcanic explosive eruptions 2016 Bonadonna, C.; Cioni, R.; Costa, A.; Druitt, T.; Phillips, J.; Pioli, L.; Andronico, D.; Harris, ...A.; Scollo, S.; Bachmann, O.; Bagheri, G.; Biass, S.; Brogi, F.; Cashman, K.; Dominguez, L.; Dürig, T.; Galland, O.; Giordano, G.; Gudmundsson, M.; Hort, M.; Höskuldsson, A.; Houghton, B.; Komorowski, J. C.; Küppers, U.; Lacanna, G.; Le Pennec, J. L.; Macedonio, G.; Manga, M.; Manzella, I.; Vitturi, M. de’ Michieli; Neri, A.; Pistolesi, M.; Polacci, M.; Ripepe, M.; Rossi, E.; Scheu, B.; Sulpizio, R.; Tripoli, B.; Valade, S.; Valentine, G.; Vidal, C.; Wallenstein, N. BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
Explosive style, magma degassing and evolution in the Chaimilla eruption, Villarrica volcano, Southern Andes 2015 Pioli, L.; Scalisi, L.; Costantini, L.; Di Muro, A.; Bonadonna, C.; Clavero, J. BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
MeMoVolc consensual document: a review of cross-disciplinary approaches to characterizing small explosive magmatic eruptions 2015 Gurioli, L.; Andronico, D.; Bachelery, P.; Balcone-Boissard, H.; Battaglia, J.; Boudon, G.; Burgi...sser, A.; Burton, M. R.; Cashman, K.; Cichy, S.; Cioni, R.; Di Muro, A.; Dominguez, L.; D’Oriano, C.; Druitt, T.; Harris, A. J. L.; Hort, M.; Kelfoun, K.; Komorowski, J. C.; Kueppers, U.; Le Pennec, J. L.; Menand, T.; Paris, R.; Pioli, L.; Pistolesi, M.; Polacci, M.; Pompilio, M.; Ripepe, M.; Roche, O.; Rose-Koga, E.; Rust, A.; Schiavi, F.; Scharff, L.; Sulpizio, R.; Taddeucci, J.; Thordarson, T. BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
Transient explosions at open-vent volcanoes: The case of Stromboli (Italy) 2014 Pioli, L.; Pistolesi, M.; Rosi, M. GEOLOGY
The properties of large bubbles rising in very viscous liquids in vertical columns 2014 Azzopardi, B. J.; Pioli, L.; Abdulkareem, L. A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW
Determination of the largest clast sizes of tephra deposits for the characterization of explosive eruptions: A study of the IAVCEI commission on tephra hazard modelling 2013 Bonadonna, Costanza; Cioni, Raffaello; Pistolesi, Marco; Connor, Chuck; Scollo, Simona; Pioli, La...ura; Rosi, Mauro BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
Experimental constraints on the outgassing dynamics of basaltic magmas 2012 Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C.; Azzopardi, B. J.; Phillips, J. C.; Ripepe, M. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH
The 5,660 yBP Boquerón explosive eruption, Teide-Pico Viejo complex, Tenerife 2012 García, Olaya; Bonadonna, Costanza; Martí, Joan; Pioli, Laura BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
The 15 March 2007 explosive crisis at Stromboli volcano, Italy: Assessing physical parameters through a multidisciplinary approach 2011 Pistolesi, M.; Donne, D. Delle; Pioli, L.; Rosi, M.; Ripepe, M. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH: SOLID EARTH
A Late Holocene explosive mafic eruption of Villarrica volcano, Southern Andes: The Chaimilla deposit 2011 Costantini, L.; Pioli, L.; Bonadonna, C.; Clavero, J.; Longchamp, C. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
Compositional evolution of magma from Parícutin Volcano, Mexico: The tephra record 2010 Erlund, E. J.; Cashman, K. V.; Wallace, P. J.; Pioli, L.; Rosi, M.; Johnson, E.; Granados, H. Del...gado JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
Monochromatic infrasonic tremor driven by persistent degassing and convection at Villarrica Volcano, Chile 2010 Ripepe, M.; Marchetti, E.; Bonadonna, C.; Harris, A. J. L.; Pioli, L.; Ulivieri, G. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Controls on the explosivity of scoria cone eruptions: Magma segregation at conduit junctions 2009 Pioli, L.; Azzopardi, B. J.; Cashman, K. V. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
The eruptive activity of 28 and 29 December 2002 2008 Pioli, L.; Rosi, M.; Calvari, S.; Spampinato, L.; Renzulli, A.; Di Roberto, A. Blackwell Publishing Ltd
The paroxysmal event and its deposits 2008 Pistolesi, Marco; Rosi, Mauro; Pioli, Laura; Renzulli, Alberto; Bertagnini, Antonella; Andronico,... Daniele Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Magnetic fabric, welding texture and strain fabric in the Nuraxi Tuff, Sardinia, Italy 2008 Pioli, L.; Lanza, R.; Ort, M.; Rosi, M. BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY
Explosive dynamics of violent Strombolian eruptions: The eruption of Parícutin Volcano 1943-1952 (Mexico) 2008 Pioli, L.; Erlund, E.; Johnson, E.; Cashman, K.; Wallace, P.; Rosi, M.; Delgado Granados, H. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS
A case history of paroxysmal explosion at Stromboli: Timing and dynamics of the April 5, 2003 event 2006 Rosi, M.; Bertagnini, A.; Harris, A. J. L.; Pioli, L.; Pistolesi, M.; Ripepe, M. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS
Rheomorphic structures in a high-grade ignimbrite: The Nuraxi tuff, Sulcis volcanic district (SW Sardinia, Italy) 2005 Pioli, Laura; Rosi, Mauro JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH
The Plinian phase of the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption (phlegrean fields, Italy): Evidence from density measurements and textural characterization of pumice 2003 Polacci, Margherita; Pioli, Laura; Rosi, Mauro BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY

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