Title:  Sulla interferometria olografica digitale
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Issue Date:  2003
Abstract:  The holographic interferometry is a well-known experimental technique which allows for measuring the displacements field of a sample in a relatively simple way. In its classical implementation, this technique uses high sensitivity photographic plates as recording media; nevertheless there is no reason why a different recording support, for example a CCD camera, can not be used (obviously in this case the reconstruction step has to be performed in numerical form). Since most of the industries producing holographic plates have stopped their lines, the digital version of holographic interferometry is becoming more than an option: this work aims to establish the limitation and the technical aspects that have to be taken into account when using a camera as the recording media. In fact, the low spatial resolution of the hardware requires special precaution to be taken both while building the setup and while performing the measurement.
URI:  http://hdl.handle.net/11584/99257
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