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Title Issue Date Author(s) Journal Publisher
Squeezing or blurring? Young adulthood in the career strategies of professionals based in Italy and England 2011 Cuzzocrea, Valentina JOURNAL OF YOUTH STUDIES
Sociological Conceptualizations of ‘career’: A Review and Reorientation 2011 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Lyon, Dawn SOCIOLOGY COMPASS
Stepping on the profession's roundabout in Italy and England 2012 Valentina Cuzzocrea Moscow Variant GSPGS
The value of work: interdisciplinary perspectives 2012 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Sahu, Partha; James, Paul Oxford Interdisciplinary Press
Creativity and the 'Art to Get By': Or What is Old in New Practices of Work 2012 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Interdisciplinary Press
Gratta e lavora : la roulette dei diritti nel mercato del lavoro italiano 2012 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Annalisa, Murgia Quaderni di San Precario
Introduction 2012 Valentina Cuzzocrea, Partha Sahu, Paul James Interdisciplinary Press
Qui sont les Edgeryders 2013 Valentina Cuzzocrea, Rebecca Collins Council of Europe
On being Edgeryders: a picture of young Europeans navigating their transition to an independent life 2013 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Council of Europe
Blurred transitions: revisiting the significance of work and parenthood for young adults in Italy 2013 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Magaraggia, Sveva Maria Albertina Anna Interdisciplinary Press
La catégorie des NEET: quel avenir? 2014 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Council of Europe
Projecting the category of the NEET into the future 2014 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Council of Europe
Young people and employability 2014 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Springer
Book review of C. Holdsworth, ‘Family and Intimate mobilities’, Palgrave MacMillan 2013 2014 Cuzzocrea, Valentina SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW
Fragments of “cultures of mobility”. Everyday movement of parents with children in Cagliari, Southern Italy 2015 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Mandich, Giuliana CITY & SOCIETY
Tutta la vita davanti: la classe media come punto di riferimento 2015 Valentina Cuzzocrea MEDITERRANEAONLINE.EU
Collaborative individualization? Peer to peer action in youth transitions 2015 Cuzzocrea, Valentina; Collins, Rebecca YOUNG
“Occupabili” più che occupati? Ambiguità di un concetto di policy nel caso italiano 2015 Cuzzocrea, Valentina SOCIOLOGIA DEL LAVORO
Zukunftsvision für die Kategorie der NEET 2015 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Europarat
Imagining a future in the medical profession: Gender and young Sardinians’ narratives of a career in medicine 2015 Cuzzocrea, Valentina Emerald

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