Title:  Some observations on the concept of dār al-ʿahd in Ottoman context (Sixteenth-Seventeenth centuries)
Issue Date:  2017
Internal authors: 
MELIS, NICOLA  (Corresponding)
Authors:  Melis, Nicola
Number of authors:  1
Language:  Inglese
First page:  182
Last page:  204
Number of pages:  23
Book title:  Dār al-islām / dār al-ḥarb. Territories, People, Identities
Publisher name:  Brill
URL:  http://www.brill.com/products/book/dar-al-islam-dar-al-harb
ISBN:  9789004328686
Abstract:  Dār al-islām / dār al-ḥarb Territories, People, Identities Edited by Giovanna Calasso, Sapienza University, Rome, and Giuliano Lancioni, Roma Tre University, Rome This is a paper included in the first collection of studies entirely devoted to the terminological pair dār al-islām / dar al-ḥarb, “the abode of Islam” and “the abode of war”, apparently widely known as representative of “the Islamic vision” of the world, but in fact almost unexplored. A team of specialists in different fields of Islamic studies investigates the issue in its historical and conceptual origins as well as in its reception within the different genres of Muslim written production. In contrast to the fixed and permanent categories they are currently identified with, the multifaceted character of these two notions and their shifting meanings is set out through the analysis of a wide range of contexts and sources, from the middle ages up to modern times. Contributors are Francisco Apellániz, Michel Balivet, Giovanna Calasso, Alessandro Cancian, Éric Chaumont, Roberta Denaro, Maribel Fierro, Chiara Formichi, Yohanan Friedmann, Giuliano Lancioni, Yaacov Lev, Nicola Melis, Luis Molina, Antonino Pellitteri, Camille Rhoné-Quer, Francesca Romana Romani, Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti, Roberto Tottoli, Raoul Villano, Eleonora Di Vincenzo and Francesco Zappa.
Keywords:  Ottoman; Gaza; dar al-isla; dar al-harb; dar al-'ahd; hanafi; fiqh
Peer review:  Esperti anonimi
Circulation:  internazionale
Type: 2.1 Contributo in volume (Capitolo o Saggio)

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