Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The thesis topics generally focus on Optimization, in particular on the global optimization of continuous functions.

Here are some thesis titles:

  • Enhanced Continuous Tabu Search (ECTS) (Paola Era)
  • Local Tuning Techniques in Global Optimization (Melania Meloni)
  • The DIRECT algorithm and its application in astrophysics (Federica Bomboi)
  • Genetic algorithms for global optimization (Danilo Stocchino)
  • Some numerical methods of unconstrained optimization (Martino Pilia)
  • Genetic algorithms for global optimization in R ^ n (Alessio Bardino)
  • Ant Algorithms in global optimization problems (Patrizia Secci)
  • Peano curves for global optimization problems in R ^ n (M.Pina Concas)
  • Global optimization methods for Lipschitz functions (In Puglia)
  • "Two-phase" methods for global optimization problems (Francesca Pintus)
  • Ant Algorithms for Continuous Optimization Problems (Paola Giusto)
  • Interval theory applied to global optimization problems (Gian Michele Pinna)

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