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[70/78]  MECHANICAL ENGINEERING [78/00 - Ord. 2017]  PERCORSO COMUNE 6 60


The student will learn the basic concepts of the ISO/ASME standards relative to dimensional and geometrical tolerances and the methods to specify the surface texture according to the international standards. He/she will also learn the standardized representation of mechanical components commonly used in mechanical devices. The student will learn the main principles of CAD parametric solid modelling and how to obtain a multiview projection drawing starting from a tridimensional solid model.
The student will be able to create and read engineering drawings, comprising functional dimensioning and manufacturing errors. The student will be able to use advanced software to create solid models of mechanical components and assemblies and the relative technical drawings.
Finally, the student will be able to interact in a working team and to communicate design solutions by means of technical drawing and CAD drawing.


Principles of Technical Drawing


Dimensional and geometrical tolerances. Surface texture.
Threads. Threaded fasteners. Keys. Retaining rings.
Antifriction bearings. Gears.
Introduction to tridimensional parametric solid modelling. Features, parts and assemblies.
Part modelling: 2D sketch; extrusion and extruded cut. Creation of planes parallel, inclined or tangent to exisitng planes. Fillets and rounds; chamfers; ribs.
Assembly modelling: Inserting and mating components.
Bidimensional drawing: creating a detailed othographic projection drawing from a 3D solid model.

Teaching Methods

Classroom lessons: 40 hours.
Classroom practice: 20 hours.

Verification of learning

Exercises assigned during the class time.
Exam that consists of a graphical test and a written test.


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More Information

Slides presented during the class time, texts of the proposed exercises and lecture notes on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are available for downloading to the students at:

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